Slicer softeware that works with Phenom Prime

New user here, recently purchased a Phenom Prime and waiting for delivery.
I’m exploring different slicers that will work with the Prime, there is Chitubox
which is the recommended slicer, but I see that there is also Lychee Slicer.
Are there any others that will work with the Prime and MacOS 10.13 ( High Sierra )?

I’m sure you are going to get passionate answers from both sides of the debate, but… Although Chitubox is the native software, I find Lychee Slicer to be much better. For me it has much more options, I have a Phenom L that I have buyers regret with. I have never had a successful print with it. Its very finicky, but others swear by it. Since I moved to Lychee my prints are 1000x better. I like the community input where you simply plug in your printer and resin type and Lychee spits out a percentage of successful prints based on other users settings and feed back. I use this as a base line and we’ll just say my experience is much better. Resin for the Phenom L is not cheap and its frustrating when prints fail. Lychee seems to perform much better… Imo

Thanks for your views on the slicers, I’m expecting a lot of hair pulling since this is my
revisiting 3D printing after close to a decade.
I downloaded both to evaluate and Chitubox seems to run on my old iMac running 10.13,
Lychee not so, their site claims it’ll run in MacOS 10.13 and greater, but that’s the OS
they offer no system hardware requirements, all of the 3D modeling programs I’ve encountered
spec out hardware requirements. Test booting Lychee on another tricked out iMac
it seems it needs 4 GB or greater GPU ram to run.

Any other slicers that others have used that are compatible ?

I am curious as to how Lychee is so much better. I am not sure I follow how Lychee provides more reliable printing. Tell us more.