SLA Test Print File


Because I can’t really find one, I was thinking of creating a bit of an SLA (or more specific, a Moai) test print file. Partly to see if my machine is printing as it should but also to understand how prints might fail or where you need supports.

If anyone can point me to one, that would be great! if not feel free to make suggestions of the kind of thing you think might be good to test the printer and other things to see how far you can go before it fails.

Some of the things I was thinking were:

  • Pieces at varying angles to show when you need supports or not
  • bridges of varying lengths to see how far it can go without supports
  • pillars straight up and at angles to see how they react

Anyone suggest anything else that might be helpful?


you can download all test files here:


Thanks for the link, but I meant like a torture test kind of thing, to make sure people could easily diagnose bits on their printer simultaneously.

Like they could see how much overhang you can get away with without supports or what kind of shapes are difficult for it to print etc


you don’t need torture test on SLA machines, the most important is the calibration, you can find a lot on our wiki
Moai can easily have overhangs to 50 degrees, but it requires strong, thick support


there are some on thingiverge but many are designed for dlp/lcd printers. and FDM printer ones are usually too easy for SLA.