Sirayatech Blue - Phenom Noir

Hey Team,

Just had a part detach from the support when using Sirayatech Blu for the first time

Using these settings (though I used medium, rather than heavy supports)

Are there any other tricks and tips that people have for using Sirayatech Blu? I almost feel like it was under cured (it was bloody soft when I peeled the print off the build platform)

It kinda seems like a sticky mess to clean up with Isopropyl! (It makes peopoly grey deft look like a dream :slight_smile: )

But yeah - I’ll have another crack with heavy support - but just interested in any pearls of wisdom!

What are your specific print settings? Blu resin has higher requirements for the printing environment, and it needs to be printed at room temperature above 25. The best support is to choose a heavy-duty support. Please fill in the questionnaire so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time.