Siraya Tech Sculpt sticking [Phenom L]

Hi I’m a new Phenom L user and very happy with early results using Siraya Simple, though once I branched out to attempt to print with Siraya Tech Sculpt I am getting non-stop sticking. I would prefer to be using Deft as a default grey resin but it seems backordered in USA until late-November, and now I have 5 kilos of Sculpt I would like to get working.

Contacted Siraya and they said to start with their built in Chitubox settings for Blu and ‘go down from there’… I’m not sure what they mean by that and they did not respond to further questions.

After multiple failures I switched back to Simple which worked instantly on the same build, so I don’t think it’s my print layout.

Wondering if anyone has had success with Sculpt and what settings to start with, if different from Blu, and any other advice.

hi, Blu has built-in printing parameters in chitubox software, it is recommended that you use the same parameters as Blu to print