Siraya Tech Blu problems


I have the Phenom L, with the latest firmwares as of Nov 7th 2021.
I use Chitubox v1.9.0 with the included standard profile for the Siraya Blu.

I ordered some Siraya Blu before and with the standard profile, it was printing fine and the parts looked great. I did not have even one failed print with the Blu and I decided to use that one only from now on.

That batch ran out and I ordered some more.
First thing I noticed was that on the bottles, there is now the text “Emerald Blue” which was not on the Blu bottles I had before. I assumed it was the same stuff regardless.

I cleared the vat, cleaned it completely like I always do when starting to use a new, or new batch of a resin.

The prints started right away coming out either not at all, or only partly printed.
Mostly, the vat had the shapes of the prints stuck on the FEP film, and after every print I had to completely remove and clean the vat and collect the thin forms that were stuck on it. They were high enough which made me worried that if I miss even one, on the next print it will push on the LCD and break it, so I made sure get rid of all of them, which meant hours of cleaning and checking.

Around 5% of the individual parts I tried to print were printed ok.

Additionally, the vat was full with these shapeless pieces of semi-hardened resin which were not even visible, I found them only after running all the vat full of resin through a filter. Big and small pieces, looking and feeling like jello were swimming in the resin.

I have a new vat with a new film, so I replaced the old vat with it - same result.

I read from posts here that some folks had similar kind of issues, and that raising the temperature in the print area made things better.

I installed a heater in the printer and let it run for a while, the temperature of the print surface is now 32 deg C and the resin is stable at around 31.5 deg C.
Also, I did a re-calibration for the print surface before and after installing the heater.

The prints started to come out now much better, however still around 10% of the print area had failed prints in random locations.
I tweaked the profile settings for Chitubox:

Bottom layer count: 12
Exposure time: 15 sec
Bottom exposure time: 75 sec

This made the prints a step better, however not yet perfect as with the earlier batch of the Blu.
The earlier batch really did not need any heaters, and 100% of the parts on the print surface came out fine.
The surrounding area of the printer had not changed, same temperature as always.
Now I need heaters and stuff to get it to print at all.

Can you tell me, has Blu really changed and what are the optimal profile settings for this new type of Blu?
This cannot be the same Blu I had before, just cannot. The difference is like between day and night.
I have another heater, I could install it in the printer too, if it needs to be even hotter inside.

What would be the best course of action to get the prints back 100% right as before?

Thank you!

hi, should be the same Blu resin, model printing failure may be related to the surrounding environment (temperature), model structure, etc. Need to provide more information. Such as print settings, model placement, etc. And provide packaging pictures of the new and old Blu resin. For easy reference. Thank you for your support.

Syraya tech resin is a hit and miss. it’s hard to get a consistent print.

I end up using internal heather set to 35C. which did lower the rate of failures

One thing to watch out for is if your parts are bulky, use large support like 2-3-4mm posts.

It almost sounds like a levelling issue. You say you did a re-calibration - did that involve a levelling? I have found when I have had prints sticking to the FEP like yours it was a levelling issue.