Simplify3D profiles


Does anyone have useable profiles for Simplify3D, for 25, 50 and 100 micron layers? I’m getting so tired of the steaming pile of shit that is Cura.
I’ve spent ~8 hours over the last two evenings just trying to get Cura to slice a ~315MB stl file and get a layer preview. It eats around 7GB of RAM just to slice at 25um, before trying to preview layers, and then after a dozen attempts at reducing my model complexity and reslicing, I finally got it to not crash trying to do a layer preview… but then it didn’t actually offer the layer slider, even though it had eaten over 11GB of RAM.
I’ve tried the older Cura 2.6.2 and the newer version 3.2.8.
It takes 15 minutes per attempt, only to crash at 70-80% progress. It’s not a mickey mouse computer - i5 3570K, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, GTX 760 2GB.

S3D will slice in a fraction of the time and at only just over 3GB of RAM at 70um extrusion width and 25um layer height.
I bought S3D because I hated Cura when using my FDM printer, so it kinda sucks having to go back to it for the Moai even for simpler prints, but I stuck with it because it would get there eventually for small stuff, but it’s just not even useable for larger prints.
I’ve previously tried every S3D profile I could find on the forums but none of them ever really worked. Doesn’t seem to be anything posted more recently.
I don’t get much free play time outside of working 60-70 hours a week, so I’d rather not spend the next 3 weeks and half a litre of resin experimenting with S3D settings (although if that’s what it takes then so be it) so if anyone has some good working profiles, I would SUPER appreciate it!




You aren’t the first one to request it and here is why we use Cura, and there is no good S3D available for Moai yet.

We knew the S3D team and respected their work. It is wonderful for FDM printers because of its optimization for extrusion. Those same optimizations are problems for SLA printing as they will introduce artifacts in Moai. Because it is closed source and highly calibrated to FDM workflow, it is not possible for us to mod it to get the results we want. S3D even gave out a profile that didn’t quite work. here is the disscusion:

Cura is no where near perfect, but not only it is open source, it has made great stride over the past 2 years. We are able to modify it to a point where we can get satisfactory results from it. With the 3.4.1 mod just released today, it can produce results that would not be possible on S3D / Slic3r at the moment. 3.4.1 is almost a lot more polished so give it a spin.

Cura is only a pure slicer in Moai workflow for converting to gcode. Most of the software work is done in other software for hollowing and preparing support for printing. Some of the larger Moai gcode would easily crash any 3D printing software’s gcode view, not just Cura. Trust me, I tried.


Ok Mark, thanks for the explanation