Signs of a bad memory card reader?


So this all started on 1 of my 2 machines after the 1.18 firmware update.

Intermittently I have trouble getting it to read the memory card when first inserting and have to remove it a number of times before it reads it. This is not limited to a single memory card but all of them that I have. (6) I do not have this issue with any of these cards in the other machine.

It will randomly stop printing layers for the entire build plate or sometimes part of the build plate. At different layer heights. There is nothing blocking the laser and it’s done this on more than 1 vat.

When the print fails it’s a clean stop, its not delamination of the layers it’s like its “skipping” these layers. At first I thought maybe it was the laser but its printing other areas just fine, it’s like its not reading the entire gcode for a few layers then tries to finish the print later which results in stuff in the vat. It’s also never the same area of the build plate either, which rules out an issue with something blocking , plus some of the prints after missing steps try to finish later so I know it’s not a blockage.

Happens with both asura and cura, it’s not a slicer issue as the same gcode in my other machine works fine.

I did not have this issue at all prior to 1.18 and now it’s getting progressively worse to the point that every print has some part of it fail.

I’m going back to 1.16 tonight to see but I’ve been hearing about a lot of memory card reader issues lately and to me it sounds logical.


So here is reprinting the same parts. You can see all the parts stopped printing at the same layer height but its completely different than the previous print.

It’s not the slicer as I took this card both times and printed it in my other machine immediately after

I’m not seeing the laser turn off completely at any point.


is the SD card and the files still works on the other machine?
If so, reinstall the firmware will fix the problem


I went back to 1.16 and I’m still having the same issue.

Here’s the same gcode as the 2nd pic printed immediately after without removing the SD card. No failures.

I will update to 1.18 again but reinstalling 1.16 didn’t change the behavior.


i didn’t get what you meant, you still have the same issue, but you print again right after and it didn’t failed?

If the file got printed, it means that the card reader works fine


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Not sure how the above applies to the issue. I sat and watched it last night and its skipping sections of gcode. The laser powers on just fine but when it fails it completely skips sections of the gcode and eventually prints them a few layers later. Laser power does not appear to be an issue as it continues to print other areas.

Memory card reader also still takes multiple tries to get it to read these cards. Other machine does not.

Not an issue with gcode, not an issue with slicer, temps are the same between 2 machines, resin is from the same bottle, machines are side by side.

One machine has trouble reading the inserted memory card and skips sections of the print, the other does not, using the same memory cards and gcode.

How do o go about getting s replacement memory card reader for this machine? I opened a support ticket with matter hackers 2 days ago as it’s still under 1 yr warranty but awaiting a response.


Pic 1 is 1.18 with failure
Pic 2 is 1.16 with failure
Pic 3 is 1.16 without failure. Same gcode same memory card I just reprinted.

It’s not separation, theres a distinct layer cutoff on those areas where the gcode is being skipped. The one I watched actually saw the laser skip a section of the print, move to another area, and then change layers. The laser didn’t shut off, it didn’t print that part of the gcode


Swap the card readers between the two machines and see if the problem changes to the other machine.


I work in the machine service industry. That’s a guaranteed way to end up with 2 broken machines.


is it peopoly black standard?

is this model failed with both software?

It sounds to me like a gcode problem, if you can send me the gcode file, maybe i can print the model again to make sure


Yes. Peopoly black standard

Yes failed with both slicers.

I can reprint it from this machine without removing the memory card or changing gcode (power off, on, reprint), sometimes it fails at a different point, sometimes it doesn’t fail at all. Last month I would get a failure 1 in every 5 prints I did. Now it’s more like it succeeds 1 in every 5 prints. Its getting worse.

I can move that memory card immediately to the other machine and print it without issue. In fact, I’ve done this every time there is a failure because I need to get the models out. Move memory card to other machine, never a failed print with the same gcode.

It is definitely not the gcode.


Sounds like a bad reader to me, probably have some solder/connection problems with some of the pins (inside row). Either take it out yourself and resolder the pins or replace the reader.

If the SD reader isn’t reading the file sectors reliably all sorts of printing problems can result.


I agree. Trying to find out how to get a replacement.


email, we will help you with the replacement