Show Us Your Bits


If you can share a screen shot of the orientation and supports along with the slicing resolution or non default parameters or settings. This can helpful for people to see what works. Also thats a nice looking print.


Thanks for reminding me, meant to do that. These supports definitely worked although the neck support behind the head went in too deep. I’ll have to watch that next time.

I started with automatic supports at 50% density then removed a few and added some especially on the ears. The automatic supports tool in B9creator was nice mainly because it created supports inside the head for me and they worked.

I hollowed the model out in zbrush using dynamesh and a cylinder boolean/shell function.

Cura Moai was at extra fine 50 microns, the latest default settings from Git Hub.

What was most interesting to me was that I didn’t need to add support to the inside of the mouth at all (because of the orientation I guess). I also didn’t need support on the toes of the front feet only one support on each heel.

So I guess the key number was 50 today ;).


Nice print and setup. I recommend linking the base of support, so they move as one piece from layer 1 and onward.



How does one “link” the bases together? Is there a quick way to do that?

Edit: I suppose you could mean making sure that all the geometry at the base is merged and welded together?


Here is a ring that I just finished from a 3D print that I made with my Moai.


one way is to add 1 or 2 supports with a base with a big radios, these will merge with the ones you have, in a way linking them.


Here’s some of my first few prints. A couple show off bits (benchy and a FDM test object) as well as some dnd minis that did and didn’t turn out. Plus my DIY curing jar.


I like benchmark boat models …can we get one in focus.


I’ll try to get a picture of it tonight. It also looks like I didn’t quite get all the uncured resin out of the nooks and crannies, which makes it look kind of blobby now that its cured. I should get an ultrasonic cleaner today, so I may try reprinting one (at a different angle too) and see how that does also.


Attached are two new photos of waxes that I 3D printed today and will be casting up in 14K yellow gold tomorrow. These are the center stones, one is a heart shape blue sapphire and the other oval shay blue Kyanite and both will have diamonds! Will post photos when rings are finished.


After a few test prints (ring and Moai) I printed my first technical prototype.
Even though the printing space seems small, you can actually print quite large things.
I am especially amazed about the fine detail this printer can print. I even see the polygons of the STL file back in my print:

Notice the lines at the arrow.

What I noticed is that the actual print is 2% smaller than I designed in my Solid Edge program. Is that a normal occurrence?


Here’s my latest album. Unfortunately the boat just always looks blurry because I didn’t quite clean all the liquid resin off before curing. I plan to print another 25% benchy now that I understand supports better.


Hi Bobby,

These prints looks fantastic. Very smooth surfaces!

Great job!


Have you used the calibration cube here to check the XY size?

You can use the cube to check how much you are of each axis, adjust x-y size accordingly and then test print again. Once you are close, you can use Cura scaling function to get it very close.

There is some shrink factor from UV resin. If you want a very accurate print, perhaps do the calibration only after the cube is completely cured.


Here are the two finished rings that I did from yesterdays waxes printed on the Moai.


Thanks for this link to thingiverse. I printed the cube and the and the deviation was;
x; -2%
y; -3.3%
z; -1.5%
Than I used this scaling in Cura, and after printing the cube again with this scaling, al the sides were exact 20mm.
With this adjustment I can now print very precisely!


Do you print the cube with supports or directly on the bed?


Today I printed out four rings with my Moai and tomorrow I plan on casting at least two of them into 14K yellow gold and setting a super nice ruby and golden sapphire into them and they will be surrounded by diamonds. Attached are three photos of the rings I printed today.

P.S. The fine gemstones are just beautiful, but in the photos they got my fingerprints on them.


Character model ~14cm tall.
Had a few failure points, but overall the detail is great. I still need a bit of practice fine tuning the supports to minimize scarring and breakage.


Looks very good keep it up.