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will be getting ftd cast sometime this week.

so far B9 cherry and Makerjuice WaxCast, has not worked for me at all.

will need to try bobby’s settings and see if it works, with the waxcast. and b9 is similar exposure to waxcast on my dlp, so ill try that too.


This Topic is one of the main Reasons why I love this Community.
Here are so many People from so many different Categories :smile:

I use the Moai for my Electronic Projects (Cover for Circuit Boards, Chassis for Robots and Drones…)
But now I fell in Love with the Process of making Rings thanks to @Bobby_Allen :wink:
I don`t know if I would/could make such Rings, but I would love if you (@Bobby_Allen) could keep us up with some of your Projects. This applies also for all the other awesome People in here. I would love to see your work. Would it be a bad Idea to make a Category for Projects @peopoly? I know there is also the Thingiverse Group for this Case. But we would have a central Point for all the Things about the Peopoly Moai.


I’ve have now printed over a hundred rings in waxcast without any fails, except when my support was not big enough. When I print a ring I have a three MM support, if the object is bigger I will increase to 3.5 and if the object is Hugh I will have two or three supports.


Bobby could you post a cura screen shot of a ring with its supports. Interested in how you support your rings. I still havent had a successful print in wax cast and im wondering if my supports are too small.


Attached are three photos that should give you a good indication of what I use, any other questions just ask.




When I make rings or any jewelry I always do the sprue base and that is where it sticks to the platform.


So im trying to print with the waxcast at 50um but im getting the first couple layers sticking to build plate and then seperating and sticking to vat.

but before testing with waxcast i re-leveled and printed the test rings at 100um 50um and 25um, with no problems as in the picture

but once i tried the wax cast at 50um with laser level at 59 did not have any luck.

everything is at default in cura and defualt settings on moai except laser level is at 59 and pm motor speed is at 40.

so i dont think its a leveling issue.
any advice??


it is definitely not leveling. I am not sure where it is not sticking.

have you tried to place it all the way to the left side of vat where the force is the smallest
and lower z-follow from 180 to 100 like lyndon did here:


My settings 90 90 100 100 50 30 65

That should get you going.

And 59 laser power


Let me know if my settings work for you. I just completed another eight rings some of which I will cast tomorrow (If the Lord gives me tomorrow)


Also these are my other machine settings 90 90 100 100 50 30 65 This should get you all going with WaxCast.


Here is a photo of eight rings that I just did with the above settings. Also I use a cheap ultrasonic cleaner with alcohol, takes about a minute to get the excess resin off. You can buy the ultrasonic at Harbor freight for around 30.00 or 20.00 when its on sale.


thanks for the reply will try settings tomorrow and see how things go.


You’re welcome and it should work fine. Now laser power can vary per unit but with mine it worked well with 57-59


so tried printing the waxcast last night. didnt get the results i was hoping for. seems like layers are separating. tried canceling prints after about 7 layers and notice it was already separating. I also lowered the z-follow to 100, Zspeed to about 15 and the pm speed to about 20 to give it the best possible chance to adhere to layers without suction causing it to separate.

not sure why, this is happening as i was able to get the other prints to work in the peopoly grey resin. with 100um 50um and 25um, with default settings and no issues.

Kind of lost. is this a leveling issue, over curing or under curing, or somthing different all together?
possible bad batch of waxcast resin???


Did you try my settings?


i tried your settings with same results, the layers were not adhering to each other after the first initial layers.


Then your vat must be off!
But you can also try this.
Did you move the prints around? When I print I use the front of the Moai and I run my prints from left to right, and the only time I don’t get a good print is when my support is not heave enough to stick to lift table.


Also why are you using so many supports they are not needed! You saw the photos of my supports that’s all you need.