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Folks here is a photo of two rings that I plan on casting today using plasticast investment. The two rings are sitting in their sprue base and I will be fitting a steel tube around it and pour the plasticast investment into it, after it hardens it goes into the oven for eight hours, and then I cast! I will upload photos later tonight or tomorrow to see how well the Waxcast resin works.


Which printing parameters did you use for waxcasting?


59 laser and .050 Z setting, WaxCast does not work good with .025


Did the casting with the Plasticast investment and turned out 90% acceptable, I would fix but instead I will recast tomorrow morning, and will lower the casting temp to 900 degrees instead of 1050 and add a touch more gold to the melt which will increase casting pressure just a tad.


what is the print speed? or did you use latest Moai 50um profile?


Everything standard except for laser set at 59

The rings came out much better after casting less reaction with the WaxCast, I used Plasticast investment instead of Satin cast.
And the prints from the Moai are perfect they were done with the latest settings and at .050 Z resolution. I tried .025 but I will have to work on those settings since WaxCast does not like the ones I tried.
I’m casting again in the morning but I will cool down the casting flask to 900 degrees before casting, by doing that there should be less action in the flask once the gold is injected and should set within a few seconds.

I never used WaxCast resin before so I gotta get the hang of it, and figure out exactly how to cast with it so that the castings will be perfect each time.

The two rings I dd today would have polished up nicely, but there were one repair to each ring that would have been needed, so I figured I would just cast them up again instead.

And the damage to one of the rings was my fault since I did not notice that the model was broken.

Here are the three rings I’m doing tomorrow.


wish i read this, been trying like crazy to get waxcast to work at 0.025um have not had any luck what so ever.

will need to try at 0.05 and see if my results are any different.

thanks for sharing.


After today’s cast I’m giving up on WaxCast altogether there just to many flaws in the castings. I’ve done everything according to their use and there is still ash left and that gives the gold casting flaws, and flaws take time to fix. Will be going back to FTD Cast.

The three rings I cast this morning were 95% OK but it’s not worth the time fixing them. So I do recommend FTD Wax!


okay thanks for the heads up. Have you been able to cast the FTD Cast?


Forgive my ignorance. What does it mean plasticast investment and satin investment?


Investment is like plaster and you poor it around your molds and let it harden so you can burn out the wax resin model in the oven. Attached is a photo of three models in a steel flask, 2 are wax resin and one is just Moai resin I’m going to check to see how much better the WaxCast resin is over the Moai resin (Checking for ash)


Now this is what the flask looks like with the rings covered in Plaster but its called Plasticast. When this dries in a hour or so it then goes into the kiln for 7-8 hours with temps as high as 1300 degrees.


Ok thanks for the explanation. The satin cast what is it?


It’s investment also and it’s used for wax castings and some wax resin. The Plasticast is suppose to take the resin reaction a little better.


I did a cast of two WaxCast resin models and one grey Moai resin model.

Results the Moai resin would work in casting it would require a longer burnout and would have a little more ash over WaxCast, so it would require more finishing time and maybe some repair.

The two rings in WaxCast they turned out better this time and I will use both of the rings. Still had a little ash and the castings are just a little rougher than what I’m used to. (Required about a extra hour for finishing and on a 3.5 gram ring I lost .05 grams to sanding and finishing. Should have been less than .025 grams.

Attach is a photo of the three rings I cast this evening the two nearest are WaxCast. Also attached is a photo of one of the finished rings. 1.63 carat Pink Sapphire and around 75 points in diamonds.


I’m waiting for another liter of it should be here next week. I did try what I had on hand but it was old and my results were horrible. FTD is very reactive so the laser power needs to be lowered and the XY speed increased.


Thanks for all your pictures and explanations!


Updated resin profile with Bobby’s setting for WaxCast. It is higher laser power setting than I expected @Bobby_Allen but you are much more familiar with WaxCast than I do.

Did anyone test FTD Castable yet?


It treats the PDMS nicely no burns! Tried 50-54 not good, 58-59 model was perfect.

Will give readings for FTD after I get new batch in.


Here is another ring that I finished today from the castings I made yesterday. Turned out pretty good but still required more finishing time then FTD wax.