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Christmas is coming…

Another HiTemp Resin Printing Fail - Please Help!






Do you have an STL that you can share for those Christmas ornaments? They look awesome!


Here you go!


Thank’s a lot mate! :slight_smile:


This STL file is from the Smithsonian’s digital collection at It is a half scale print of a centuries old carved wooden cat unearthed in Florida. The finish was basically a series of newbie blunders. It’s the first time I’ve tried to finish a model with something other than a coat of paint. But as a first try, I’m pretty happy with it, screw-ups and all.


Very nice! contrast is great… love it.


Printed in 7 pieces. Black peopoly resin. Most pieces at 40um, head at 20um. Overall height about 75mm


More prints today! Hi-temp resin at 60µm. Model (not mine) available at (the white spots are me being lazy at cleaning)

If you are curious, this is how I printed it. I believe it’s the best way, it creates a little suction but it doesn’t need supports for the teeth that way. If you use big enough supports you are good to go. All in all it’s about an 8h print.


Ice Giant finally painted. Printed with NEX Clear with blue dye. Making of video here.

Love the NEX Clear resin, but you just dont get the immediate feedback of print detail, only after painting does it really pop. Its a great resin to work with tho, very easy to use and as you can see holds detail well.


I painted the figure I printed few weeks ago!


Just finished up this piece for a dinosaur painting class to be held at WonderFest this Spring. Really happy with how it came out for my first dino. :slight_smile:



This is awesome, what kind of dye are you using in the resin? Is it just a small amount ?


I see that you’ve been having some great success with your casting and printing. I am also a Goldsmith and I am looking to get started printing for casting.

Could you, in a nutshell, explain the resin, settings and investment that you are using to achieve the best results?

Thank you so much!


heres one of my prints. 40 micron Hi-Temp grey


Love it!! Great job with the painting as well.