Show Us Your Bits


They look really nice… you should do more hehe…

I will definitely be printing the cactus as soon as i figure some stuff out with my Moai…

Get some more free time :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! I’m trying to get more free time, but I always end up drained from work and it’s hard to find the motivation / discipline to work a bit more at home.

The models are uploaded to gumroad to try to pay for the resin costs of the models, but pay only if u like the models and want to support my resin costs.

(All the models are free now, just pay if u feel like it)


Downloading them now =)… I threw in a few bucks (not much) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to see more of your work. Could you let me know which software you used?


Wow! first purchase! thanks a lot!

I used Zbrush for all the models


Got all 3 - paid what i could at the moment. That spider-gwen is just fantastic. All of these models are great.


Thanks a lot! I’m glad that u liked the models!

I would love to see some painted versions, I don’t know if i’ll ever paint them, I don’t have time…nor brushes/paint


Death trooper. Painted and weathered :slight_smile:


First print with Asura auto-generated supports and actually the first largish print I have actually ever done. I’m sure I could have tuned it more but I wanted to see how the automatic mode held up. About 18 hours, everything remained intact so pretty happy.

Just drying now before curing. It’s hollow to allow an LED to go at the bottom. If you’re wondering what on earth it is, just Google ‘Hattifattener’ :slight_smile:


Awesome, loved Moomin,s as a kid.


Most of these parts were printed on my Moai - a couple were too large for the scale I wanted.

Pretty happy with how this turned out - my first really complex figure in ZBrush.

  • larry


this is printed at “just” 0.06 with standard gray resin.

I was surprised by the quality you can reach by simply slowing down the moai tilting action


How slow did you go??


I’m at 14 now but considering slowing it down even more


Im asking this because i tested 15 and 10, from 15 to 10 i didnt notive much improvement (if at all). What i did notice is that from 15 to 10 it takes quite some more time to print…


you notice a big difference from 20 to 15, slower than that probably not so much. but it’s all time you give to the resin to settle down at each new layer


Another big print completed without problems. The object hollowed with 2 mm walls and one 3 mm hole on top. Some suction sounds during the whole print but that was expected with this kind of object.

And the finished product in a printed voronoi pot in black.

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Printed with Hitemp Flesh at 40um…

@Obieteru, thanks for the great model!!!


So cool! I just got 3L of that resin and it’s really nice.

Glad that u liked it, are u going to paint it? I would love to see one of these “finished”


Was planning on it… but i have other models and some minis to paint… so it will be a while until i can get to paint it.

I will let you know when i start xD


This was a fun use of Peopoly clear resin to produce a lightable print of an obscure Toho monster that’s made of lava in the movie. I’ve wanted to do this project for 20 years, and Peopoly made it possible!

Same print with the lights out.