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Thanks for the fast response.I already have used chitu before but not for rings,I’ll check it out but the problem for me is that automatic supports usually are overkill, but i will it anyhow. Will also try B9 creator about which i have heard a lot.
Coming to the tip, I think all my supports penetrate too much or far too less, i am trying to get the perfect balance but i have failed so far.
Looks like I will have to invest in the scalpel but can you suggest me a good one.



Yeah give the B9 a shot. It’s all about the balance as you say.

In terms of scalpel, you can get them from any arts and craft shop.

Amazon sells stuff like this.

I’m on the hint for some little micro snippers… If available. Lol.


well no micro snips were available but got on of those surgical scalpels, will use them from now onwards


Cool. Let me know how you get on. Plus keep in mind there are also “hook” type blades that can also fit the handle. See which one works best for you. The straight blades are pretty good for me though.


I’ll be posting as soon as I get home. I’ll be perfectly honest, I was a bit worried about how hard this printer would be to get up and running after fighting with an FDM one for weeks.

First (accidental) print gave me 4 perfect Moai heads. I then calibrated it, got it perfectly level, and have been pumping out parts for a UAV I am building non-stop.

This thing is sexy, works great, and makes me incredibly happy. Peopoly, you done good. :grinning:



Any chance you could open up a projects category to the forums? I think alot of us would like to show/highlight how the Moai integrates into larger projects, and it would save this thread from constantly being resuscitated.


This is the Neuro Hunter! A 90mm miniature printed on the moai then we made a silicone mold (many of them) and then cast in polyurethane resin.

The final product is currently on sale!

The moai is great and I’m totally happy with it --for the price—, I just wish the layering was a little bit better. I might be wrong but I believe it’s all about the peeling. Maybe I should slow down the tilting action.


the new settings for 1.16 (not default one) will give you even better results

Firmware, latest[]=firmware


GyroidXL100mm from Dizingof. Printed in Peopoly transparent resin.


I just tried the new settings, it’s definitely slower. Layering is maybe more regular, I need to make more tests. Thanks for the heads up!


Could you please send a picture of the support structure on this object (eg Cura screenshot) - it looks wondeful!


Well no more support problems, thanks for the info @Hashra. Now i am thinking of buying another castable resin, since @peopoly castable will take more time to arrive i am thinking of FTD or bluecast LS. Which one do you suggest? FTD is very inexpensive when compared to Bluecast and is available in India itself.


Bluecast is fantastic! They have released the new X5 resin which is supposedly even better! Not tried it yet but will get it in the next few days.

The Bluecast LS (low shrinkage) is working out great. I found a good caster to get good results.:grin:


Hi Whazaa,
The support structure for the print is as simple as possible. I inserted it manually in B9Creator. The idea is that the Peopoly transparent resin is a great resin to print with even if the bed leveling may not be perfect. With it, from the first print I ever done on the Moai, I didn’t have any issues so far. In contrast, I have a lot of issues and a few vats lost with FTD Snow White resin… I still have to tinker the settings. Here are some images with the supports:


There are no supports in the interior of the volume. The supports were put only on the exterior. I tried to upload the stl file but I had a message that this type of files is not authorized to be uploaded… Why?


Another print in transparent resin: Sailor Saturn from Thingiverse (creator: Color3DJP). I hollowed it in Meshmixer and added supports in B9Creator. These are just test prints as I bought the printer only three weeks ago.


Any updates or lessons learned about printing dimensionally accurate parts?


New prints! I’m excited to try the new HiTemp resin, I’m going to order 2L next week, I hope that it arrives soon.


They are brilliant, you’re own designs?


Yup, I sculpted them in my free time.

I uploaded them on gumroad, the cactus is free, the other ones are 4€ but if u can’t / don’t really wanna spend money on the 3D print files just send me a message and I’ll give you the files for free.

Link to gumroad: