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Uploaded STL to Thingverse.


Bobby, could you share your moai and cura settings for printing in WaxCast and FTD? I just bought both and don’t want to waste too much resin on test. If it’s not a trade secret for you.

Do you use any heaters inside the moai, do you strain the resin before the print, anything special?

Does 50 microns give you better detain than 25?

So far I’ve been printing in grey moai and got one perfect print by chance, and I don’t remember what I did to make a print without any lines visible. Now all I have are print lines!! My 25 micron prints look almost like they were made on FDM printer with low layer height!


Uploaded STL to Thingverse.




Happy with the prints coming out now. Slowed the Tilt action down.


Does Your print has exact same height like in 3d model ?


No. It stretches on Z by 2%. I compensate in Cura.


lol, so It means that resin shrinks 2.1% that’s why I scale object to 102.1% but in fact I should only scale X/Y.

Btw: Aren’t You pico fan?


First big print, really happy with it!


This is a Pop figure type print of the Wisconsin mascot. was printed at .050mm z res.


Where did you get that model?


Hi! I modelled it in my free time.


Would d you mind sharing it? Its one of the best spider gwen ive ever seen!


Can you post the STL files if you mind, I have been trying hard to do a large print and so far have failed due to wrong support or orientation.


I got it from Thingiverse but I don’t remember which one. Here is a search for it.


Using Bluecast LS. Nice resin but burnout/casting still an issue.


Really cool ring. I am also trying to do some rings but i have been having problems with the support removal. it would be of immense help if can answer my doubts in this thread:Supports for ring
How did you remove supports for the ring ?
Was there any damage to the actual pert while removing?
What kind of supports did you use and which software?


what is that white tinge on the rings.Is it due to the ultrasonic cleaner or something else?



According to the size of the rings/jewellery you create, you will have to adjust the size of the tips of the supports respectfully. So for example, a more heavier ring will have a bigger diameter tip. It’s always best to create a base/raft and maybe to print the ring in a diagonal setup.

There are two methods to support structure. Either B9 creator, which gives you a good deal of control or the relatively new ChiTu software. The ChiTu will generate supports for you and does it very well as it adds cross supports.

When it comes to cutting supports of your print, well let’s just say your precision jewellery skills start from there. You can take to the supports with the small cutters supplied by Peopoly or you can invest in a scalpel live or very fine snips. Get as close as possible with cutting and absolutely DO NOT PULL THEM OFF! I’ve made that mistake a few times. You can always files down the supports stumps left on the ring/jewellery.

Hope this helps.