Show Us Your Bits

So some of us have had printers for a little while now and would have printed stuff other than test prints and the such, so come on peeps show us your bits :slight_smile:
What print are you most proud of or surprised by the quality of or do you just have a nice print.


I am sure we will soon. people are dialing in their printers. some are busy making prints for clients

Here is one closeup of prints I did with my Moai they were at .050 Z resolution and the closeup photos are done with a digital microscope. I was also using WaxCast resin. The quality is as good if not better than my Projet 1200 and the build plate is a lot bigger!


Now here is a ring I just cast after making the model with the Moai. The model looked great and the casting turned out just OK I will have to do some small repairs on it. Ordered out some plasticast that WaxCast recommends and will try it and just

maybe my castings will start to turn out perfect every time.


cool picture, I was thinking about a organic heart shaped Alien mouth :wink:

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Wow i agree with Sinistros that first picture looks like an alien mouth or something, how big is that bit we are looking at there? the 2nd pic is lovely looks like you have your machine dialed in ok.

So after some tinkering i thought it was time to put this machine though some stress tests, so i went on thingiverse for sla tests and i found this and though that will be a challenge, and to make it harder i made it 20% smaller (because why not) chucked it on the build plate with some other torture tests and hit print, and this is what i got.

It only blooming did it perfectly, this was done with the standard Peopoly grey.
I think we have backed a winner here.

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are things done with the latest profiles with cooling turned off? if not, it would further improve the results of the smaller ones quite a bit. @mr_death

That’s what I thought also ALIEN, but no its magnified 100 times, I wanted to show the details. And the photo was taken right after it came out of the ultrasonic cleaner.
Will upload more model photos tomorrow, but I’m holding off casting anymore until the Plasticast comes in on Tuesday.
So far still having a hard time with WaxCast.

That was a medium size ladies ring, I will show another full view of it tomorrow (Lords Will) And yes this really is a great machine, it took a little bit more to set up because FedEx destroyed the box and damaged some of the contents see photo! But after a little tender loving care this beauty came to life.

I’m very happy with my purchase!

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Happy X-mas Bobby Allen
uhi how time flies … I forgot to buy X-mas presents

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I don’t know if anyone else has posted one of these yet. This was done a .100mm and about 2-3 hours, don’t know for sure do to not having a print time display on the printer and I was sleeping.


looking good guys. keep them coming. and don’t forget to get the new profiles at

Thank you and yes this is my protective cover that I use on the dining room table whenever I build something, it’s nice and thick plus waterproof.

Here is the whole alien ring. Now this is done in WaxCast resin so it looks a little waxy, but the detail is perfect!


Here is a ring I made, cast in gold and I used a print that I made on my Moai.
Model was made with Rhino Gold and



@peopoly/Mark No these were done before the latest profiles went up, i will get them into Cura and have another go at it in the morning, might even do 2 lots a slightly smaller one, just for fun.

@Lyndondr :slight_smile: i knew someone would do that one, the railings look very good to me, how did the top lot come out?

@Bobby_Allen That is some awesome work, i was looking at them and thinking Zbrush, i have never used Rhino.
Ouch on the packaging, i thought mine was a bit mistreated when i got it but nothing quite that bad, glad the TLC got everything just fine. just looked at the Projet 1200 wow that’s a huge amount of money for that build space, the early adopters curse.

impressive to see it from end to end

@Bobby_Allen that is really cool. I’m a mech. design engineer. and I have thought about trying to make a ring for my wife using this method. Is there any information you could send me regarding the process ? It’s fascinating. I guess I should look for stone setting tips ? I have no idea about the geometry used to hold stones etc… yet. :slight_smile:

If you want to keep the dark art a secret I perfectly understand :slight_smile:


You can download a lot of jewelry stl files from GrabCad, I have used some of theirs in the past, but I create most of mine using RhinoGold which is a cad program for jewelers.

Now to start out just look for jewelry files in GrabCad and download the STL you will then have to convert the STL to Gcode and I do that by using Cura. You will also need Wax Resin right now I’m using Waxcast but to tell you the truth its not as good as FTD wax resin.

If you get that far you will then need casting equipment, so if you need more help just ask.



Got the new Plasticast investment today and will try casting with it tomorrow to see if I get better results with Wax Cast if not back to FTD wax resin.

Regular satin cast investments reacts very badly to Wax cast lot of cleanup, and patch and fill needed, so lets keep fingers cross, and I will post results.