Settings for standard Phenom and Siraya Sculpt

I normally use Siraya Fast but I am trying Sculpt for the first time on my Phenom. Siraya doesnt offer Sculpt settings for Phenom. They suggest using those for Blu. For my first test I tried as indicated but the parts failed to stick to the build plate towards the center.

Can you please share your settings for Phenom+Sculpt?

Can use Blu resin parameter printing. I wonder what your printing temperature is? If the temperature is too low, it is recommended to add a heater. It is better to print between 26-32 degrees. It is also possible to move the platform down 0.3mm during leveling to increase the adhesion between the platform and the
model. Try to avoid adding bottom slip when adding support.

Thanks for your reply. I have a warmer installed and the temperature I’m running Sculpt with is 33-35c. I did level the plate before running this file but I will try it again moving the platform down 0.3mm as recommended. I’ll add my comments once i run a new test with your settings.

By the way, I cleaned the failed parts with 91% IPA and cured them in water for 15 minutes as suggested. The parts’ surface and detail looks good but I found it is still flexible but breaks more easily than Fast.

How can I make my parts less flexible and strong without being brittle? Do i have to mix Sculpt with something else, or is there a recommended Siraya resin out of the shelf that can do this for me?

It can be mixed and used, and many experienced users like to mix resins, which can improve printing performance.

You can join the siraya forum and talk to them.