Setting Zero Position - Prime Printer - Wham Bam Magnet Sheet

I have a question? Is the home position and the zero position the same?
I am assuming those should be the same.
I have been experimenting with setting the zero position on my Prime printer. Being able to set the zero position is inconsistent. It seems that small increments of a couple of .1mm changes and then set the zero position works. However, if I move 3 mm up and then set the zero position, it returns to the old position when I push home. I want to change the home position (zero position) so that I can install a WhamBam magnet sheet to the build plate. That will add about 3 mm to the bottom of the build plate. Right now there is not enough room to install it (the added depth would probably break the lcd screen). I would have expected that when I set the new zero position to higher, it would become the new home position but it is not working that way. Any suggestions? I suppose I could drill out the holes in the retainer (used for levelling) so that there is more room for the build plate to move and accommodate the Wham Bam sheet. However, that seems like a very difficult approach that might wreck the build plate.

Do you have any suggestions?

The metal spatula that came with the printer scratched the build plate a lot before I noticed what was happening (it was slightly bent in one corner). The Wham Bam plate will make it easier to remove prints and there will be no need for the metal spatula.

When the platform is leveling, it always defaults to Z=0. If you want to raise the position of the platform, you need to adjust the position of the limit switch. But it is best not to adjust it. The height of the platform can be adjusted to raise the platform. Attach the WhamBam magnet to the platform, and then loosen the platform fixing screws. The platform is raised.


I loosened the platform fixing screws but it does not give me enough room for the Wham Bam sheet.

You can adjust the position of the limit switch and move it up a little bit. But this is not very controllable, and it is recommended not to adjust it.

I installed the WhamBam on my Phenom and was able to make enough room by loosening the build plate screws and leveling as normal. If it doesn’t have enough room, I think your only option is to carefully adjust the limit switch position.

To answer your question about Home and Zero, Home is a hardware limit that drives the build plate down until the limit switch is triggered. Zero is a software set point indicating where your printer starts the build at. For these printers, you home the build plate and then set Zero to the home position. For Prime, if you moved the build plate 3mm up after homing and then set the set Zero position in the settings, when you started a job, it would home the build plate to the bottom, then move up 3mm and try to start printing from there. Since the printer always homes at the beginning of the job, so it has a hardware reference point to determine where zero is, this would not work for your issue. The WhamBam would slam into the LCD when the build starts, during the home.

A manufacturer could build a printer with the limit switch at the top, and set the printer to home the other way. In that case, the printer would home to the top, then you would lower the build plate until is was level with the bed and set Zero. In that case, the printer would home to the top at the start, then move to the bottom Zero position and start printing.

Hopefully, this helps understand Zero vs home.

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Hi RRTycoon2, Thanks for the clarification on the home/zero issue. That makes sense now.

Okay moving the limit switch on the Prime does not work. There is no room to move it anywhere. However, I did remove the top screw on the interceptor arm that triggers the limit switch. I moved it down a short way and then retightened the bottom screw. I was very careful that it would not hit the limit switch and that it was perfectly perpendicular. See the image below. That seems to work - I have just installed the WhamBam magnetic plate and in a few days I intend to test it out but I think it should work. IMG_0385