Semi cured debris floating

lately all my prints started having many semi cured debris floating on the vat, and the print came out having missing surface,and sometimes the supports were missing. Also there was a small film of semi cured resin sticking on the build plate. any suggestion?

-FEP vat
-peopoly grey resin

X size: 900
Y size: 900
X deviation: 100
Y deviation: 100
Smooth: 50
Z speed: 2
PM speed: 10

Laser power: 57 / 58 / 59
XY speed: 4
Z reset: 1816 / 1817
Z follows: 5
Compensate X:100
Compensate Y: 200
Z initial: 2
PM initial: 10

for peopoly gray, the recommended laser power is 58
for z follows, it should be 2, 5 would create a lot of pressure on your model
if you are using FEP vat, i recommend not to use raft base, use circle base instead
try to re-slice your model with the recommendations above and please show us the results

Could be misdirected laser. If you have dust or particle on one of the mirrors, protector glass or on bottom of Tray the laser can be blocked or reflected to the wrong point. You can tell by, some points are not printed at all, and stray floaters in VAT. I once had a single spider web in front of mirrors and it produced the same problems. Not sure if it’s your problem, but if you run out of ideas before you solve it, try cleaning mirrors, glass protector and bottom of VAT (outside bottom) for dust or smudges.

Thanks for the suggestion. The floaters and the resin film issue seemed to be solved after applying the settings provided above.
However, I couldn’t get a successful print ever since. The failed prints came out so soft and rubbery, The model just broke off from the poles even with the 1.5mm tip size supports.
At first I thought maybe the resin was tainted, but the result was still the same even with fresh resin.

which software did you use to create support? and slice?

both were done in Asura.
I’ m not sure if it was the case of me cleaning the spilled over resin on the bottom of the machine, using IPA few weeks ago. And some of the IPA mixed with the resin and evaporated over time, causing the printed objects rubbery? I dunno

that may have been the problem, IPA vapor can dissolve the resin. Although this is not something i’ve heard from any user before.
If you are slicing in Asura, then softened supports like those in the videos are not likely, since Asura will overcure the base and the support.
You’ve also said that this is fresh resin, so this is a bit of a weird problem
According to what you’ve mentioned, maybe try to open up the moai to dry it and change the resin in the vat