Selling off my peopoly moai 130 for parts

As per title, I want to get rid of my moai and selling it off as spare parts seems to be the most logical way. They’re going cheap. If you need anything, drop me a PM and we can discuss it. Located in Europe.

-All electronics the moai comes with (Laser sold)
-EZ level plate
-FEP Vat (Sold)
-Regular print plate

Might have some other bits and bobs, let me know.

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Hi where about are you in Europe?
I after a heater
ez level plate


I have a unopened EZ to level build plate and an unopened FEP vat + extra films for the Moai 130. I can ship to Europe from Finland if you are interested.


If the electronics is working correctly, I might be interested to buy it. I’m located in Europe as well.

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