Selling Moai 130

Hi everyone, selling my Moai printer, bought it last year in the form of a kit, the printer was assembled and calibrated by me and was used to print a single statue i made and now it’s boxed and ready to ship. The printer works great and comes with a bottle of grey resin, 2 vats(one used one new), a fep vat(new) , all the accesories it came with, 1 regular buildplate and 1 easy to level buildplate. I prefer to keep the shipping in Europe but i may be able to ship it outsite.
1000$ + shipping ( around 130 $, will use an estimate calculator on website to see final cost).

83831220_691372444729584_2788538097095147520_n 84596833_2677735392451255_8763138167642521600_n

The printer has been SOLD.