Screen goes blank during printing (2 hrs in)


So I have started a test print - and two hours in the screen is going blank (bright white). I can see the laser is still zipping about.

This is the second SD card reader in the printer the first one was faulty but even though I see others suggesting it may be the reader I find that hard to believe - Why should an SD card reader suddenly cause the display to go blank white and I could see it counting up nicely in layers etc. up to then.

Another user poster an image so you get an idea of what’s happening.



Planning to let printer run an see if it completes GCODE run. Feel so let down regarding the printer and have an extremely serious deadline at the end of the month that can really make or break my efforts to create comicbooks readable by the visually impaired and blind.



check the connections of the LCD and its pins, do the same for the SD card reader, there maybe some pins are shorter than the others making it not displayable



So you are saying you have experience with your printer shaking apart while printing ? There has been nothing wrong with the display during setup and calibration.

Display blanking happened mid print around two hours into the print, I want to stress there has been nothing wrong with the display before that time.

As I said I have to let the print run till the printer finishes if it does I will be able to check back in on the printer Monday.

Please confirm that you have a record of the components shaking apart during print and that this is resulting in these kind of problems as this must be the case because component was working pre and during initial part of print…

I am extremely concerned that you confirm what many have pointed out that the component quality is not uniform and in some cases downright shady.- This is a 1500 USD printer and not a 5 USD toy!

Equipment in this price range is supposed to just work and to be made with high quality components and not components that have differing length of pins etc.

To be quite honest if I could return the printer and get my money back I would not hesitate to do so because months waiting for replacement parts and now another failure mid print is simply not acceptable and definitely has turned my interest in the next generation MOAI with bigger print area down to somewhere near zero at this point.

As it looks right now I will be forced to choos another SLA printer to fulfill my responsibility to my backers and my customer and this story of misfortune will unfortunately become part of the project record as I will have to explain the change of printer on record for the backers regarding the fulfillment requirements that have already been put forth as well as having to offer them a return of the support the put forward to help comicbooks become accessible to the blind.

The same goes for the customer who graciously paid up front to help make things happen, so you have put me in a terrible financial crunch by selling me a piece of equipment through a professional reseller that is failing miserably time and time again.

As you can imagine I am horribly disappointed at this moment but I will let you know on monday if I find anything - In the meantime I would like you to seriously consider paying for the shipping of a return of the printer to the reseller and providing me with a full refund so I can move on with my project instead of sitting here trying to troubleshoot the promise of a printer for months unend.



I am also having problems making it impossible get a brand new Moai to work, related to the SD Card or the LCD board the card reader plugs in to.
The sickener is, the Moai in the UK is just under £1500 which at present exchange rate is equivalent to almost $2,000.
Not acceptable, when compared to my previous machine which I ‘upgraded’ (what a joke) the £397 ($500) Anycubic Photon.
It is also costing me customers and income.



Hah - i have just contacted a friend who has access to an Anycubic Photon to be able to deliver at least some of the deliverables needed by the end of month so I trulyget your frustration



I can tell you the print cycle looks to have completed at least the printbed has stopped at top level and the laser has stopped.

A powercycle brought the display back to life so grasping at a connectivity issue likely does not hold water, unless again you know your components during use display anomalous behaviour and connections severing while in use - This behavior I have seen in other threads looks like an underlying pattern.

So I will repeat my request to you for reimbursement of the shipping and printer purchasing price and I will send the assembled printer back to the sales outlet in Poland as it clearly has issues,be it pins not being equal in length or be it other issues.

Asking me to look at pins in a magnification glass sounds like a troubleshooting task for a technician. While if this was a hobbyist tool this might be acceptable.

But as a customer it is simply unacceptable to pay 1500-2000 USD for a piece of equipment that displays this severe instability. Please simply accept my refund offer so I can move on!



If the SD card Board is fine you most likely need a new mainboard.

Mine did that, after a few hours the screen would turn blank, printer still worked fine and finished the print.



I have just tried the third SD Card reader in my ‘printer’ same result as the previous two, blank white screen and no response from motors. Remove the SD card reader and motors respond.
Imakr reckon try the main board, none in stock, they have to order from Peopoly, third week with no prints and more orders cancelled. Getting very frustrated with a £1,500 printer and £300 worth of Resin. Could be an expensive mistake. Considering buying another Anycubic Photon to use in the meantime to replace the one i sold prematurely.