Scratched printing platform, still useable?

See picture. It is a custom made printing platform. Also has kinks in the edges. Will this definitely be a problem while printing or could it be fine?C20230320_141320|576x768

That is very much a problem.
Small scratches are one thing, but those are closer to gouges.
Adhesion is going to be compromised and the gaps left by the scratches can also leave free floating pieces, if they don’t stick to the edges. You either need to very carefully sand that down (which I can give some detailed instructions on) or just get a new platform.

Those scratches will probably increase adhesion, and the prints could be so hard to pop off that you might chip or break the print. Please explain why you created a custom-built plate. I use Wham Ban flexible sheets, and those work great (highly recommend) - Peopoly should have those come standard. I sanded the flexible metal plate to increase adhesion.