Saving Moai Settings (Profiles perhaps?)


Forgive me if this has already been suggested, I searched the forum for a bit but didn’t find anything similar.

After a number of failed prints (expected as I got things tuned in) it started to occur to me that having to keep a catalog of tuning settings for each brand, type, and color of resin is going to get rather beastly quickly.

To that end, I’d love to see a way to load and save settings profiles. If not in on-board memory, at least to like a profiles folder on the SD card. Simple flat text file (setting=value structure), or if it makes a big difference in the firmware size then even via gcode would be fine. Then have an easy “Profile” option right next to the current “Print” and “Settings” options with its own save and load menu. Loading a profile (using the same kind of file selection as the print menu) would overwrite the current Settings and advanced_settings values. Saving the profile would dump it to a fixed file name (eg. Settings.moai) that could be later renamed manually on the computer.