Sanding easy to level Build Plate


I have used the same PDMS vat with the Original fixed Build Plate for some time now. The vat started getting rather cloudy in places so I switched it to a newer PDMS one.

After running the DIY-test.gcode with the original plate and visual inspection I saw that PDMS layer in the new vat is uneven (looks liek it was tilted forward towards A and C when curing.

I switched to the easy to level plate, adjust it as needed and got the following values on the pegs:

However I noticed that the pegs did not adhere to the Easy to Level plate as strongly as to the Original Build plate. The larger multi-part test print has also failed in places and popped off very easily in others.

So can I sand the Easy to level Plate?
What grit sandpaper should I use?
Are there any instructions on sanding pattern (circular? unidirectional?)

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P.S. Also can anyone elaborate on “…lightly press on the corners of the side you are tightening” in the leveling guide? How much force are we talking about?

you would have to press the ez plate down as you tighten the screws, it’s not about how strong you press, it’s about how evenly you pressed
you can increase z reset to increase the adhesion, this only works on ez plate


I understand the reason behind pushing. The point is my pushing onto the plate is different from yours. So there has to be some standard.

I did it by getting this and putting a 2.5lb weight on top so that pressure is spread equally on all sides. But again. How much is light?

Also my Peg dimensions seem ok don’t they? Why would I change the Z at this point, would it not make more sense to make the surface more rougher?

The parts adhere to the plate, they just don’t adhere strongly enough. Getting them off the original plate was difficult and the settings on pegs were the same as above.

I dont think the plate surface is the issue, this is not like the old photon with the anodized coating.

But go ahead and give it a light sand if you think its going to help

Its most likely your support settings, try printing without a raft if you are using one.

Without seeing how your print failed, its too quick to jump to conclusion.


I noticed that even the parts printed on the surface directly pop-off much easier on the easy to build plate as opposed to the original plate with the settings resulting in DIY test of the same lengths. Original plate does appear to be sanded (got it from another user).

What grit sandpaper would you suggest?

Im not suggesting you sand the plate :slight_smile: its not a common thing on the Moai.

Try increasing the bottom layer count or reduce speed might be an option for you.

Im using Asura for slicing. Speed reduction would need to be in a custom profile.
Thank you for your advice.

there no actual measure for it, like a “pinch” of salt to a piece of meat
if the prints adhesion is working, there’s no need to worry about the adhesion is stronger or weaker, if the adhesion is weak, it wouldn’t print out at all

When I set up my easy level build plate I just loosened all the adjustment screws for plate leveling, lowered the build plate and let it sit in the vat. I then just very carefully and slowly tightened the screws diagonally (back left - front right - front left - back right) being careful not to put any other loads on the assembly. It’s worked perfectly for me without adding any weight or pressure.

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