Same Printed File Over & Over

I have been using my MOAI for little less than a year, and this is a new issue…

Everytime i go to print, including a new fresh file, I end up with the same old print from cycles ago. Things I’ve done:

1.) Resaving the file
2.) Removing all other files from my ‘gcode’ folder to where the only file I want printed is in there (still same result, an older printed file)
3.) Turning the printer on and off (Is there a way to restart the printer in the ‘Setup’ command?)

Now i was using Cura 2.4, but have just downloaded the Cura 4.0 - Do you think this could be the issue?


This is a known issue with the SD card. Deep format the card and try again.

Should i save out all the info on the SD card elsewhere and reload onto SD card after formated?

I assume you mean gcodes. Yes, you can save these on the PC and deep format the card. After this you make a “gcode” -folder on the card and save the gcode you wish to print in that folder.

Good luck!

Sounds like you need to reformat your SD card. Here is the link.

We are working on fixing this issue at the moment.