Safety Goggles Question


I want to buy a pair of UV safety glasses online and I see many different kinds of different colors and different UV protection levels. Which type is for the Moai’s laser? The one that came in the box doesn’t fit over my glasses, so I wanted to see if I could buy a separate pair.

Also, I’m not sure if the color is important, but the included pair is green and is hard to see out of. I do see clear ones for sale but I don’t know if it protects against the same light used by moai laser / moai UV torch

Can anyone let me know?



From I’ve been able to determine, the red goggles filter a broader spectrum of light (~200nm-550nm) whereas the green are a little more narrow (405nm-450nm). Seems like you would see better, then, with the green since more safe frequencies are passed (Moai laser is 405nm). Both the red and the green that I’ve seen have similar Optical Density. OD is a logarithmic function (OD=4 is 1/10 the filtering power of OD=5). I am using OD=5 but have goggles that flip them in and out of the way easily so don’t mind the attenuation so much.

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Try putting the Moai goggles on first then put your glasses over that



the red ones cover more wavlength so therotically it is safer but is harder to see.



I just bought a pair of these:

This is a reputable company that has actual test data if you want it. It is no problem seeing everything (except the laser :). Curiously the blue glow of the power switch on the Moai gets pretty dim as well.

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good eye protection is important when operate anything with UV light.



Have you looked at
I recently bought from there and they are really amazing.
Also its price is not expensive, i also bought from their discounted coupons.