Running Moai 24/7 - Some simple requests


First off, I don’t want to sound needy or pissed, I’m not. I love my Moai, I am thrilled with its performance at its price point, and I am grateful for all the team have done to get it to where it is.

I am running 2 Moai’s now 24/7. I am creating functional prototypes as well as end products, and I am thrilled to be launching a product to market next year that will be fully manufactured on the Moai!

I feel, after a couple months of constant use, I have a good, simple set of requests, not sure if these have been addressed or answered yet, but would love to know the possibility/timeframe of this sort of thing.

1 - A ETR (Estimated Time Remaining) display on the printer.
For one, as we all know it isn’t an exact science calculating how long a print is going to take, and even if I have printed a part before, it would be a lot easier to just know how long is left instead of subtracting “time printing” from my known time. Feels like Asura could at least tell you an estimate, or the moai could display it.

2 - PLEASE!!! ADD A “Check Print” OPTION!
Please please please add a “check print” option on the screen along with pause or stop, OR just make “pause” do this. All I want is to be able to hit a button, the Moai will finish its current layer, and then raise the build plate to the top of the printer, just so I can see that either, my supports are failing, or the print is going as expected. OFTEN the first 2+ hours of a print can be totally wasted by a support or layer failure you don’t see until the part clears the VAT, This is a massive problem with the aluminum FEP vat. Seems like an easy option.

3 - Better SD… Support?
Still, even with the best kingston (or any) SD card and latest firmware, if I have more than a couple models in my GCode folder at once, I have all sorts of errors like the wrong part printing or even weird things where it seems its trying to print all parts at once… (I know a few people have had this) I just want to be able to have 10-15 GCode files in a folder at once without everything going to hell and having to constantly waste time reformatting the card.

Again, I am sure there is plenty more I’d add to this list, but those are the things I am wishing for every day. I can’t wait to see where the Moai goes, and if support continues I’ll continue to buy more (Including some Moai 200’s!)



thank you so much for the feed back, we will try our best to make your request
if you have more request, please keep on posting

  1. this will be done in Asura instead in Moai
  2. We have had debate on this one because by pulling the print up, you invariablly increase the chance of failure
  3. it is less to do with quality of the sd card than how the file system works.
    here is instruction how to make it work better. We are now recommending user to put print in a folder name other than “gcode”. the short version of the wiki guide is don’t try the sd card like a normal storage device. Don’t rename/delete/overwrite files. Just copy to it and format as needed.[]=sd

We are also redesigning the sd card reader connection, hopefully reducing the reader failure rate