RS are stocking UV resin


I’ve just found this on the RS website.

May be worth a try at that price


I think this is rebranded Photocentric Resin. Bottle fits and if you take a look at the Datasheet its pretty much the same.


is that a good or bad thing?
has anyone tried the RS stuff? i use RS for a lot of work and think reasonably highly of them. I will most certainly be giving it a try. what is the photocentrics resin like? if indeed its a rebrand


That’s exactly what I was thinking. I use RS pretty much daily, so adding a bottle of this for next day delivery seemed like a good option. Mine is arriving tomorrow so I’ll give it a try.

A plus point if it is the same stuff is it’s water washable. No need for IPA or ethanol.


I´ve never tried Photocentric but it has around 7% shrinkage which is a lot and there are reports that it tends to crack. i am looking forward to your reviews maybe this RS stuff is different.


If that’s true I guess it’s no good for size critical parts, should be ok for model though. I’ll let you know.


~7 % volumetric shrinkage is pretty common for acrylate-based resins, peopoly resin has 6.5% for example.

Thx for testing this resin, btw it’s also available in the german rs components webshop at a pretty good price.


some of the photocentric resins do not work well on Moai. Not just LCD types but also SLA. You can search for feedback, particularly on Facebook group


Ordered one today, will give it a whirl! Will see if I can find any other reviews/feedback before I try it.


I’ve had some success. It will print with good adhesion at 56 but not many holes on the ring test. Tried as low as 52. Still struggling with the holes but adhesion to the bed is also becoming an issue at lower power. I may try slowing the first layer a little more and lowering the power a little further.
As for post process work. I like the idea of being able to wash with soap and water.
2-3 min cure under water finishes it off nicely.