Round object print failures

Can anyone here explain to me why my printer will not print round objects? This machine will print other 1/25 scale items (see pics). These wheels and tires are roughly 35 to 40 mm tall. I have literally attempted 30+ prints and not 1 has turned out. There is alway some sore of distortion or not print at all. I have tried every angle from completely horizontal to completely vertical and every degree in between in Asura. From 1mm from the build plate to over 3". The resin is always mixed well before printing and the heater is alway on. And now the last 3 prints, nothing at all, just a thin layer stuck to the vat floor. The last attempt was started just 5 minutes after the bolts were made. I shut off the printer, took out the build plate, removed the bolts, put the build plate back, removed the SD card, uploaded the tire file, put the SD card in the printer, turned it on, set up the print, push start, 2 hours later NOTHING.
I’m seriously trying not to get pissed off here but I’m damn frustrated with this. If no one here can help me would someone please just tell me where I can find some help!

Do you wait 2 hours andgive up?
I often find the first layer can take up rob2 hours to print. After the first layer things speed up considerably.
Just let it run.
Are you getting a total layer count at the beginning. If not or if the number seems really off base then you might need to reformat your card. You should reformat between every print.

i saw the last picture’s model was printed from your last post with deft gray, were you trying to print this with Nex gray?
can you show your orientation and settings?

The print was done after 2 hours. The tire file was pretty small, this was in an effort to minimize waste of resin since I’ve gone through a whole bottle already. The total layer count there and seemed reasonable compared to the other tire files. I started the print and checked it periodically to see if the layer count was increasing. I heard the build plate rise and the layer count was 1 with the print time at 2 hours 3 minutes. Opened the door and nothing was there. Just a thin layer stuck to the bottom of the vat. I do reformat the card between prints. I have wondered if that is actually working though.

I originally printed the marker lights with deft, then tried Nex for those and a couple of wheels. I changed the laser setting to the recommended 51 power level. Since I couldn’t get good prints I switched back to the deft resin for the bolts and pillars knowing my chances of a successful print were much better and I needed the parts. Here are the the pics…

[Ok, here we go, step by step…

  1. SD card
  2. Format card
  3. Upgrade (skipped this time)
  4. Format erase (yes)
  5. Format complete
  6. Create gcode file
  7. Choose print file
    8.Copy print file to gcode folder on SD card.
  8. Insert SD card in printer, start printing process
    10 Final result…every single time, 30+ failures!


Second attempt with the same file a few hours later, this time dead center of the build plate.

Problem might be with your supports since part of the tire looks okay. The support tips look too long , to angled, not deep enough into the model? If you can print out the test ring ok you should be able to print those out. I would plat around with the support settings in Asura if you have already calibrated everything etc.

Yeah, the ring was fine, and I’m able to print smaller rectangular parts. I have tried multiple variations of these supports. Different thicknesses, heights, tip sizes, angles, and tip types. Manual and auto generated. I wish I would have kept all the previous failures so I could show the many attempts at supports and positioning in the build area. I have no choice but to keep playing around with this I guess. My attitude sucks right now and I’m pretty disheartened with all this. I feel I’ve wasted my time and money on this printer.

Thanks for your ideas though.

It looks like it failed to print the supports at the low end of the tire at all are you slicing in Asura?
The tire looks pretty small. If you want to send me the file I’ll try and test print it for you. That might rule out the file as a culprit.

Yes I’m slicing in Asura. I resized the tire in Asura to save on resin, figuring failure once again. I can send you the original file. How do I get you the file? I tried in your email response but it failed to send.

Hi dannyi, I had these support settings from a while ago. They were the recommended settings from someone on this forum, can’t remember who. Maybe try these as a starting point?

Thanks Nick, I’ll definitely try those settings tomorrow. Yesterday I decided to start as if I just got the printer. When I ordered the printer it came with the FEB vat and the Easy level build plate. So I used those instead of the PDMS and the solid build plate. Since the latter was never used I considered it a fresh start. After calibrations and vat plate leveling I reran the tire file. Here is the print…DSCN1387 DSCN1388 DSCN1389

I finally got a complete tire but still have the original de-formation problem, just not as bad. It’s always the first layers of the part that see this. The rest of the tire prints fine. Even the supports start out ok. It also doesn’t seem to matter what angle I use on the supports or the supports themselves, their numbers, size or heights. Every single failure starts with this de-formation. In the beginning it was just like this only worse. As time and prints went on it went from distortion to complete failures. Something is going on once the supports are finished and the actual part is starting.

Try manually placing the first supports at the lowest point of the tire. I find Asura doesn’t always catch the best location for that.
Enable slice mode and view from underneath slowly lift the slice layer until you see the direst bit of tire and place the support there.

Finally! a tire and wheel print correctly. For the supports I made the them with little or no head extensions. Just enough extension to meet the tire/wheel square at it’s angle.
Now I have a new problem, one that I hope is just a setting change. I printed a small wheel and a small tire plus a flat washer. All turned out circular but smaller them the set dimensions. Here are some pics…

Well, I know the resin shrinks during curing. And a fraction of a mm, while not noticeable to the eye can be a big deal when fitting parts.
You might try scaling in your 3D software instead of Asura just to rule out any Asura scaling error. Otherwise if it is shrinkage you might have to figure the difference and print a bit bigger to compensate.
In any case when you start printing bunches of these the ones toward the corners will not be truly round.

Well it turns out my enthusiastic declaration of "finally got a tire and wheel to print correctly was in fact wrong. After cleaning and curing the tire was just like the previous ones only lesser so. To reiterate here I wanted to be sure everything was set properly so I started from step 1. I replaced the FEP vat and easy build plate for the PDMS vat and solid build plate since they were never used. I reformatted the SD card, downloaded the galvo test along with the calibration circle. Ran the test, galvo was right on the circle. Downloaded the corner test and ran that 4 time to get all 4 pillars between 10.6 to 10.8. Ran 4 tires, all different sizes. Even ran one flat on the build plate. That tire was nice and symmetrical but deformed on the back side.
I’m making one last request for anybody here at Peopoly or even in the forum to tell me what is wrong with this printer. I done everything that is asked of someone when setting up the thing.

P.S. It doesn’t even matter how I arrange the supports. I’ve tried several sizes, lengths, thicknesses, positions and tips over the course of almost “40 failures”.