Ring Test Print Location


I am getting weird results when printing some minature figures where one side of their face might be smooth or there are random layer lines through half of a layer and the other side is fine. So I decided to do the ring test print. The calibration sheet says it should print in the B corner, however my ring printed almost exactly halfway between the A and B corner. It also printed with all of the holes closed. How can I improve this? Please see the picture here

it should be about B and slightly A corner, so your’s is fine
about the holes, if they are all closed, that’s indication of too high laser power
what’s your resin type?
make sure you follow the resin exposure sheet :https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t8bjlfk7irSJFy3kzOr-I6SN5acE8UIlOl2E4r3dG_8/edit#gid=0

When using Asura3D how do I change Print Speed, Initial layer height, initial print speed and initial slower layer. I opened the profile for the um I wanted to use but I do not see those settings listed verbatim.

you should not adjust those settings until you have correctly identified the laser power for your resin. the default profile settings work just fine and only need tweaking for advance users.

what is your resin type? and printer settings? take photo of the settings and show us.

thank you. I bumped down the laser power to 50 and still have closed holes, but much better defined where they should be. I can take pictures and upload them when I return home from work.

I am using the Peopoly HiTemp Gray . I only ask about the other settings because the spreadsheet suggests specific settings for all of those items.

ok, a few thing to check.

Hitemp Gray should print fine at 51-49.

  • did you remove the plastic cover sheet off the clear galvo acrylic protector on BOTH sides.
  • what type of vat are you using? PDMS / Fep
  • How old is the resin?
  • how old did you leave the resin in the vat?
  • how old is the PDMS vat?
  • take photos of your printer settings and post them here.
  • Did you buy the machine pre-built or as a kit?

okay, I have feedback for you

  • It was my coworkers machine so I am unsure, but I can check.
  • FEP
  • 2 months
  • 1 week
  • Film is about 500ml use so far
  • See Below
  • it was prebuilt

great, more question, what is the temperature inside the printer? are you using enclosure, heater etc?
lets see a photo of the moai in its current setup.

  • did you print pegs?
  • what were their measurements?
  • how long ago was this?

*settings look fine.
*check the galvo cover, if its prebuilt, who knows they might have forgot to remove the cover on both side.

  • remove the vat / resin before this
  • filter out the resin and give the vat a clean with IPA and gloved finger, let dry
  • u can polish with microfibre cloth, it should be fairly clear.
  • You need to shake the shit out of the resin in the bottle before using ( 1 min + )
  • if u leave the resin in the vat, you will need to stir it up properly before use, use a soft silicon cooking tool
  • I also heat up the resin with hair dryer after stiring, and also the metal plate can be heated.

It was months ago when I did this but think they were in tolerance
Ok, I’ll try all of these suggestions and likely run another test tomorrow
Thanks. Ill give an update after

Checked the galvo cover and it appears to be fine, aside from a couple chips on the edges for some reason and a hairline scratch kind of across it which is slight enough to not be captured by this photo.

Also the film on my FEP vat has a ton of bubbles when I went to empty it and the acrylic piece is a bit cloudy. Would this be enough to be problematic?

yeh, your acrylic plate on the vat looks like it might have resin leaked through.

You will need to replace the fep and see if you can clean the plate with some gentle perssuasion with IPA and gloved fingers, then try to polish it back. or buy a new one :slight_smile:

I think the vat was causing you the problems.

PS: you got a ton of dust in there, it’ll need to be cleaned out.
clean the galvo cover or buy a new one and check the galvo mirrors, if there is dust on it it will be bad news.

if you can blow away the dust gently with compress air, otherwise ipa on a good quality soft ear bud or foam bud.

youtube has instructions on replacing fep.

following with @johnchen guide
on your galvo picture i can see that there are places that shown the previous users had resin spilled through the FEP, so you might want to clean the inside of the casing and the acrylic cover of the laser with IPA or ethanol. Try to touch and clean any place that feels sticky

If it had leaks, which mean the FEP got ripped or the FEP vat is assembled incorrectly, once you replace the FEP and re-assemble, try to test with water first and wait to check for leaks

Is there a place to buy a replacement for just the acrylic part of the vat? Or is there a file so I can CNC it myself? I rather replace than try to repair clarity.

I will try to clean it.

Same question, where can I purchase the acrylic part of the vat or find a file so I can CNC it myself.

here you go.

Im not sure about the cad files, I think some have done it before, do a search here and on the fb group

thank you, for $15 ill just buy it.
do you think I should order a galvo cover and replace while I am at it

Edit - nvm, I just ordered it. its only $10 if I dont need it now, whatver.

you should also buy the extra silicon gasket, sorry I should have mentioned that.

they are actually the hardest to source / DIY.

for the acrylic cover, it looks fine but if you want to replace, it’s better to CNC it if you can
It’s just to protect the galvo mirrors from leak resin, nothing than a piece of transparent piece

thanks, went ahead and ordered that as well. Didnt realize they required replacement. Is this a time thing or a mishandling thing?

the silicon seal? it gets squashed and stretched, so over time if you replace the fep often it will degrade like all silicon, you could prob cut one out yourself, but they come already with holes drilled etc.