Ring test improvement advice needed

Hey all. So I have a couple questions as to what is “normal” or to be the best I can expect on this ring test after leveling issues were solved. I am not seeming the resolution I would expect . All holes except some on outer edge near solid ring transition are not clear through . Also , one of the supports seems to have failed. Lastly I noticed this came off the build plate VERY easily, as aposwd to past prints where I had to give more pressure to release the base build from the plate. Any suggestions? @peopoly.

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You should be able to see through the holes on the top.
Normally this would be too much laser or too slow on the speed.

You might want to increase the Z reset 1 and see if that helps. What is it set at now?

Is this the pre-sliced gcode test file? If not what are you slicing it at(Z resolution)?
If you are slicing it your self include some Cura screen shots with the speed and cooling showing.

What is the resin you are using?

Laser power?

I will recheck settings and take pics
this is directly off of the provided ring test sliced by Peopoly

I HAVE notice all prints are taking FOREVER to print…VERY slow .
Can’t see through top of ring Will post settings next
Using the Peopoly red resin
Temp of resin is 73 degrees f

With my own models I slice with curator for Moai settings below.

Settings below

Ok, printer settings look good. We don’t have to worry about Cura at the moment. Run the Z reset at 1878 and drop the laser to 57 and see what that does. Then if the holes get better and the adhesion is good maybe drop to 56. If you need more adhesion increase the Z reset to 1879 or 1880.
I don’t remember did you ever post your leveling check results? That would be helpful for knowing how much to tweak the Z reset number.


From the Wiki http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:resin
In the user guide, we recommend laser energy at 61 with default Cura profile. This is selected to ensure high print success rate for new users. Use can dial laser down to increase PDMS lifespan. Using the default Cura profile, the user can print using laser energy between 57-61 for Moai. 57-58 are preferred by experienced users who have been using Moai for production. However, if you find large print not sticking well at a lower energy level, it is best to increase to a higher level. We also have users reported using laser energy at 55/56 but with slower print speed in Cura. Moai is designed for experiments and customizations so find the best settings for your application. An example of lower laser energy can be found here.

Lower energy leads to lower shrinkage during printing and smaller laser spot size.

If I remember right it should take about 15-20 minutes but that was before the new settings for the slower peel speed.

I see that and now that I opened the full pictures I also see the weirdness in the supports. They have a wavy look to them and I see the finish a bit more.

This reminds me of the following topic but your pictures are in focus.

Here are some things I do that are not the “official” settings and practices but if they work great if not well I tried. I’m thinking for the waviness aspect I would try these settings.

  • PM Reset Position 75-100
  • Z Follows 0

I don’t think this would change the problems with the holes but it’s not a hard thing to do.

Some further reading.

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Very very helpful as always my friend! I will tinker a little as suggested ! Each challenge I learn a wee bit more! Really enjoying this machine…it’s kinna like having another kid in a way, it has a mind of its own yah gotta respect while trying to maintain some sort of “control” !!! Lol. Cheers!

did you get a new vat? that is the brand of that new resin?

that is likely not Peopoly resin since Matterhackers do not have red Moai resin. In that case, the exposure setting and everything is different.

I explained that I had a Moai and they knew me from conversations a few weeks earlier regarding the Moai kit and a new SD Card…etc. Here is the bottle. One of two. From Matterhackers…I also bought blue. I I asked for Peoploly red for the Moai since I saw a few good reviews on it here …they said they had one or two bottles and bought the one @

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guess I am wrong on this one. :stuck_out_tongue: I thought they were out of stock and not listed on the website.

So the holes are closed and it is easy to remove? Did you ever clean that protective cover as there were some marks on them and you also had some marks on the vat? this is likely something affecting light than a leveling issue. Scattered laser would have less resolution.

I was able to use a soft lense cleaning cloth and the plex protective cover came out crystal clear . When I changed the color on the vat I made sure no residue or pieces stuck or in vat and carefully wiped it clean before adding the red. But I will look at those things again.

Last prints seemed to be well adhered to the build plate after reducing the laser a couple notches. Holes didn’t seem to improve a lot. They are through on sides just not top. Plus the one support fail . Only reason I am even this critical is I have some sculpts that are very detailed and just trying to maximize what the Moai potential is on that ability.

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the holes should open up easily when setting is correct, what were the laser setting you used? Red should work best at 57. Usually that is the deciding factor.

Only thing I changed is 1878 on z reset and laser power down to 56. No other changes. Vat temp was just about 70 f. No other adjustment s

and you said the print (and other print) takes a very long time? how long is this ring print? 20minutes? if you can time it that would be helpful.

I think I was referring more to pieces other than the ring, and since hearing typical build times, realizing the times are not off. Yes, ring about 20 minutes. But that head of a "gnome/hobbit I posted a few days back took about 4 hrs. It was about 80mm tall…perhaps a little taller off build plate with supports

Something is affecting the light. I think you can move laser power back to 57. That is confirmed setting to open holes and is not something to change lightly.

Two places that can affect light is your vat (getting cloudy or have marks at the back of vat) or protective cover. Since you said the cover is clean, let’s check vat.

this is the ring STL file:

Please set it up in Cura at a different position than the pre-sliced gcode at the fine 0.1mm layer height. And test print that. Make sure laser is back to 57

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Will do!
Done for the day today but will!


I HAVE notice all prints are taking FOREVER to print…VERY slow .

If I remember right it should take about 15-20 minutes but that was before the new settings for the slower peel speed.

I have a Moai 200 and the ring test is taking more than 2hrs. I think it’s due to the layer routine because the laser is very fast - tilt motor cycling slowly between each layer? My current PM speed is 10 for both initial and final. Is this typical for the 200, or am I missing something?