Ring blob print issue

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Hello. I am using a easy level build plate and have replaced pdms in my vat and am getting the test ring file printing out like a blob almost. I had a fep failure recently and am thinking resin might have affected something down lower? Any ideas what would cause this? I have printed a hundred items without issue prior to replacing the vat.

your resin looks overcure, is it tough clear?
follow this spread sheet : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t8bjlfk7irSJFy3kzOr-I6SN5acE8UIlOl2E4r3dG_8/edit#gid=0

and set the z follows to 2, too

I am working on it now. The laser is not in a focused point. When looking at the mirrors they are cleaned it is the laser lens ? Itself or the aperture? Any direction you can offer in getting the laser to be a point again is appreciated. I love my Moai and make jewelry using it. Thank you.


can you show the laser spot? a video would be better
If you cleaned the galvo mirror and the acrylic protector and the laser is the same, it’s most likely that the laser diode is damaged, you would have to change to a new one
How long since you bought the Moai?

I purchased the Moai a couple years ago and then recently had issues with pdm layer pealing and switched to fep vat and had failures and at some point resin from the leak must have affected the laser. I cleaned the glass and mirror etc then I removed the laser and pointed it at the calibration circle and got the image you see. In person it is obvious the point of the laser is diffused considerably. I ordered a new laser today. Hope to get it soon!


Received and installed the new laser, tried the test ring with tough at 52 laser power and the ring turned out great! The ring Had a bunch of closed holes, does this mean a higher laser power? Will need to research.

that’s over curing, reduce the laser power to 51 and it will be better, is it tough clear or colored?

Using tough clear turned it to 51 and working great!