Restarting after a few years

I have had a Moai for years, but it’s been almost as long since I used it.

I updated firmware to current, replaced the vat, bought a new build plate, and have a fresh bottle of resin.

I downloaded “The Stinker” from Thingiverse, loaded it in Cura (with Moai profile) and saved the code.

Went to the printer, loaded the gcode and attempted a print.

The bed lowers, I can see the reflection of the laser moving around, and the vat tilting.

But nothing prints.

Any suggestions on what to look at next would be greatly appreciated. I’ve forgotten everything I knew about the printer, so I kind of SOL.


Ok, so false alarm. I downloaded an xyz calibration cube, and it printed perfectly. Chalk this one up to a bad download file I suppose.

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