Resin vat too big

Just put my 130 together I am getting ready to calibrate, but my resin vat is too wide to fit.

Do I need to shave the sides? Is this a normal thing? Like, do I sand it? Ask for a new one?

I even removed the braces thinking I could put them on either side and slide it in, but it won’t fit even with one brace removed.

That seems like an incredibly odd problem, one that I don’t understand how could have happened which makes me think that it’s something else that is the issue, maybe with the folding on the plate metal?

From that I’m seeing it looks about the right size and should fit fine, with the springs locking it down with pins in the little holes on the sides. While waiting for Peopoly’s response, got any more pictures of this issue?

Good luck, very strange problem to have.

this issue have never been reported, so it’s most likely another cause.
does this happen after you did the calibration test? did you have trouble pushing the vat in?
some times when the Moai reboots, the vat holder does not return fully, so it may cause the vat harder to remove

I got it. It was a mix of the vat holder being stuck (like you said) and a screw was loose. Caused the metal to be at an angle.

Fits perfectly. I put the whole kit together this far without issue and then had a silly moment.