Resin Smoothing - Peopoly Clear Resin


Hello Moai Community!

We are using our printer to create masters for forming microfluidic devices. As such, we need everything to be as smooth as possible. What solvents are best for smoothing the resin? Mechanical polishings aren’t an option as we are working with 100 um channels with only about 200 um spacings. We have tried acetone, ethanol, and DMSO before and after UV curing but are not having luck smoothing things as much as we would like.

Does anyone have any insights into how to smooth the channels we are printing?



good old fashion sanding is the key to smoothing out a print. i recommend using the Hi-temp resin for best results at around 60 micron. i haven’t heard of any solvent that can smooth out resin. however you could opt to use the resin itself to brush on to leave a small layer and use a UV light to harden it making it smooth. you would still need to sand parts tho that have an uneven surface. but that’s all the info i have for ya


I suppose you print with clear resin? Do you need a clear smooth result?


You can pump some liquid loaded with an abrasive through your channels, Novus 2 & 3 for example.