Resin Reaction Inquiry

Please refer to this image

The two on the right were printed from the same VAT and came out somewhat decent. but the print on the left was printed minutes after the previous ones finished and seems chalky. Any ideas on what causes this?

btw I am using the peopoly high temp nex grey resin

if you rinse it with water and the chalky effects went out for a while, that means that you might not clean the model well enough
if it doesn’t, it still won’t be a problem, i personally had chalky effect with standard blue, but it doesn’t cause any defects or problems

If I’m not going to paint a print, I’ll sometimes use a VERY light application of mineral oil, wiping off the print afterward. Especially if it is a dark resin. That does a good job of getting rid of the chalky look and hiding small scratches. I read about that here in the forum, but I don’t remember who posted it, or I’d give a shout out.

looking at your other prints, it looks like you did not shake the resin for long enough before pouring, there is hardly any pigment, NEX Grey should be fairly opaque.

I suggest filtering the resin back into the bottle, shaking it for at least 1 minute then pour it back into the vat.

If you leave the resin in the vat after a while you will need to stir it back up again before printing.
Use a soft silicon tool and also a hair dryer to warm the resin.

thank you, this helped a lot. getting much better prints now

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