Resin not fully curing in UV light


Hello I’m using the standart Peopoly red resin, and I noticed that liquid resin (e.g. spills on tools) is not completely curing on UV light (peopoly UV lamp) at roughly 35 C°.
I noticed that specially thin films on object tend not to cure an you can wipe them off with a tissue. it stays liquid no matter how many hours it got exposed to UV light. My problem is that I want to “disinfect” objects that came in contact with the resin using the UV lamps. This does not seem to work. Any Idea why the resin behaves like that?
The most important question is if the resin is no longer toxic after UV light exposure even if it stays liquid?
Your help would be appreciated



do you follow the correct procedure to post curing?
the prints must be cleaned carefully before curing or it will always have that sticky surface of uncured resin


Thanks for your fast response, meanwhile I guess I found (in the tutorial in your link) the reason for the sticky uncured thin film, Oxygen. To put the object with resin spills into water when curing should solve this, right?


wash the print carefully again with IPA or Ethanol, rinse with water, it doesn’t have to be submerge in water during curing process