Resin in VAT's holes and burned film


  1. Does resin that is cured in VAT’s holes affect future print? (should I clean it?)

  2. One of my print failed and burned a part of the VAt (see picture) - should I replace it or avoid to print in this area?

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if the hole is all the way through, then you should replace it, you dont want resin getting in between the feps.
It is most likely not a burn, but a small piece of cure resin from a failed print got crushed in the first layer. this is why its important to drain the resin after a failed print.
The cured resin I like to remove, a simple hole punch and mallet works fine, just =need to do it for each hole and make sure you wipe and clean out any floaters in between the holes.

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Hi Michal,

I think the holes in the buiding plate are helping to get out small air bubbles between the building plate and the film. Starting with printing the first layers, the building plate is going down in the resin, only the thickness of the wanted first layer should be between the plate and the film, all the other resin is getting squeezed out.
So the one ore other with resin closed hole in the building plate shouldn´t be a problem. I´m printing with a building plate without holes, there it is more difficult to get all the air bubbles from the center of the plate out to the sides.

1, the main purpose of the holes on the vat is to reduce the peel force that comes from the large surface area of the build plate, you should try to get it all clean off.
2, if the film of the FEP vat or PDMS layer got “cloudy” or “burnt” like the picture above, you would have to change it since it will affect the laser

Hi peopolysupport,

Could you explane your point 1 more in detail: What is the correlation between the holes in the building plate and reduced peeling force?
My understanding: The first layers are hopefully fixed on the plate. The peeling procedure is between the cured resin and the fep film. The forces are appearing during pulling the fep from the resin. How can the holes help to reduce them?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks, Can’t I just print for now in another area of a vat ? (I think that the last print made small holes and little of resin hot between the fap…)

you need to replace the top fep then and clean up the bottom fep. you dont want resin between the fep.

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OKay John I will do that then. BTW I saw that the print failed and a part of the model detached and drop into the resin - I suspect that I should stop it then bacuase it can destroy the fep, am I right? ( I didn’t stop it because the other model was still printing next to it)

correct, if you have part that is failed and dropped into vat, it is best to just stop the print, because it can move around in the vat and cause problems / cover laser etc.

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@framecrack with the area of 200x200 mm, it’s easy to have vacuum when you lift it from the bottom of the vat filled with viscous resin, adding holes let resin goes through and reduce the contact area => less additional peel force

technically, yes, but it isn’t something you want to have in long-term

as @johnchen said, the dropped piece, like it or not it will affect the others, since the vat won’t stay still so that piece would move around and causes trouble

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