Resin compatibility question

Has anyone tried using lcd/dip resins on the Moai laser sla printer?
I am using the original PDFs vats if it makes a difference.
Just trying to see if the lower cost dip/lcd resins work at all and if so what do I need to look out for.

Hi. I have used Monocure Grey in my Moai 130. I had the laser power up way too high and killed a vat the first time. Then I lowered the laser waaaay down until the prints failed and then bumped the power up one at a time until it worked. I had varying degrees of success.

Should be noted monocure lines for both rapid (LCD/MSLA) and standard (for SLA, high power MSLA). I think I have both but haven’t gotten round to testing yet.

Sorry, I forgot to say it was the standard resin I tried.