Resin cleaning with DPM, alternative to IPA

DPM, Di(propylene glycol) methyl ether, is a real good alternative solvent for removing uncured resin.

It removes uncured resin much faster and more thoroughly than IPA.

DPM has a much higher flash point (79 ° C) than IPA (12 ° C). Therefore, it is suitable for safe use in an ultrasonic bath (in contrast to IPA).

With DPM, you can clean about 4 times longer than with IPA until it needs to be replaced.

In addition, the smell of DPM is much less.

In contrast to IPA, the DPM vapors are not anesthetic. The contact does not cause irritation to the eyes and mucous membranes. Adequate ventilation is not required when handling.

I get the best cleaning effect at 40 ° C in an ultrasonic bath after 5-10 minutes.

Since DPM does not evaporate so easily, I rinse the cleaned part with warm water (with a few drops of rinse) and let it dry thoroughly before it is healed.


I’ve only had a Phenom for about a week, but I have had a Photon for over a year, and I HATE using IPA for clean-up. I wanted to find something better for the larger prints the Phenom is capable of and I did some internet research and found a youtube video where a guy did a test with IPA and several other cleaners in an ultrasonic bath.

He tried several cleaners and determined that IPA was the worst of the cleaners. After watching this I’ve switched to using Simple Green.

I have 2 5 gallon buckets, one half filled with pure SG and one with water. I’ve done 5 large prints on the Phenom and couple on the Photon since - I just scrape the print off the plate and drop it in the SG. I pull it out after awhile - ranging from half an hour to overnight - rinse it off in the water bucket, and then set it out to dry. After that its the Ultraviolet light. Its so much nicer.