Resin Calibration Test?

Does anyone have any good resin calibration test files?

I just got my Phenom last week, and have been doing well printing with Deft Grey so far. Have had a few little issues, but nothing major. I’d like to get it really dialed in on the Deft and start branching out into some other resins, but I haven’t found anything specific for the Phenom yet. There is this one on GitHub that’s for the photon series, and it says it will work on and CBDtech based controllers.

Can it be safely used on Phenom? I like the fact that you can test many different resin cure times during the same print. It seems like it would save a lot of time doing it that way.



For resin printing, especially MSLA, there is no “perfect” universal exposure. For Deft resin on Phenom, you can start printing at 8s up to 20s on 50um. But depending on the object type, wall thickness, support size and starting temperature, your success rate can vary quite a bit, and the end print will have different properties. The 12s 50um profile is a safe print setting when combined with a wall thickness of 2.5mm and chitubox heavy support and is suitable for general printing. For very specific applications, the user should calibrate by making the type print he wants to print frequently with specific support/wall thickness to find that perfect balance.

As with that Photon test, it is a good idea but has shown not only has issues with clear resins but also with flexible type of resin, even when tested on Photon. it still can provide some good feedback but don’t take it at 100%. It can be off by a lot.



I’m brand new to resin printing and don’t have much experience to draw on. Is there a general guide for how to adjust for each of the factors that you mentioned?

For example,

How do I adjust for thick walls vs thin?

What adjustments do I make for small/medium supports vs heavy?

How do I adjust if I want to use 100nm instead of 50nm?

Given a resin tank heater, we could control temp to keep it controlled, assuming our environment is also controlled. But what if it’s uncontrolled? How do you adjust if it’s cold/hot in your shop space?

I understand the test I linked isn’t perfect, but it will it provide a good starting point for a new resin you’re trying out? Can I run it unmodified as downloaded from that link?