Resin allergy with deft & siraya fast

Hi guys

New user here
In last december i bought a Phenom L
Amazing machine prints are perfect
Ive been using Deft resin at first but after 3 days of using i started noticing
red dot on forearm and itchyness. I continued using like nothing happened
but it got intense red rash and swollen.
So i stopped everything for a month and started using siraya tech fast to see if it was
only with the Deft resin
But now after 1 week of using siraya tech the red rash is back full force on forearm
and creepy slowly to the elbow
Im using a niosh mask + full suit long glove etc
Even the printer is in a sealed tent with a charcoal activated filter
i spared no expense

Now i freaking love my printer and it sadden me to think i will have to stop 3d printing

What would be the consequences of continuing printing
and is there another resin i could try ?
i got 500 hours of print queue and cant stop making them

any help is welcome

I’m no safety or chemical expert but my understanding is that exposure to resins can cause sensitivities/allergies to develop. There are a few resins that claim to be allergy safe but exposure to normal resins could very well make it worse. Could be worth consulting a doctor even for allergy advice.

Also, you mention long gloves, if they are not the disposable variety I would recommend getting some. I think there were some tests that showed that all normal sorts of gloves let nasty stuff leech through them over time, with nitrile gloves lasting the longest. If you are re-using the same gloves you could face an issue there.

HI There, Thats not good to hear. One thing to rule out.

  • make sure you are not just allergic to the gloves / full sleeve suit you are using, some people are allergic to latex and other materials used in PPE.

  • Most 3D printing resin contain similar chemicals, if you are unfortunately one of those highly allergic to it, then I’m afraid resin printing may not be for you.

Because you are only seeing something on your forearms I would definitely suspect contact allergy from the gloves or suit as suggested. If you are not experiencing mild flu like symptoms I would suspect it is just a contact issue. You didn’t mention how fast you saw the red marks form so can’t gauge severity. You still have lots of options to try such as extra layers of clothing or barrier skin creams or new protective equipment from a different manufacturer. We used to see a lot of this with epoxy allergies.

If you are sensitive to the resin and can’t use another brand you need to keep an eye out for chronic headaches and especially breathing issues. Those are the stop for a while or sell the machine symptoms. Skin blemishes are common and not serious unless they ulcerate.

Take care off yourself, i have been working a hole lot with polyester and epoxy, and have seen what epoxy allergy can doo, and thats bad, many fabriks off glowes say they can be used for all, BUT thats not true, you can test glowes yourself, take glowes on, take ACETONE in your hands, just like washing hands, just for a few seconds, take off your glowes, and smell to your fingers, if your fingers smell of ACETONE, then you know that your glowes are unuseable, you dont believe that the best and cheapest glowe are those used on gasstations, only problem is that they dont stand for mutch work, i have no idea of what chemi there are in resin, it would be good for us all if these resin-makers would tell all about it.
Carsten Blom Denmark

yeah well now its everywhere
swelling arms ,eye chest etc …
defenitly not allergic to my nitrile glove that i used for the past 10 years

Im getting out of the hobby before it kill me

OK, its good you take care, i am not sure that your glowes can stand it, i have read something about resin, and there are several types, what i have read dont sayes that it is some kind of epoxy, so i dont know about “free epoxys” but have read that the “welding” process is done by “free radicals” and these two “free” are very bad for the human body,-and everything else, and for everyone out there, if you becomes red-dotted or feel something when breating, then stop, and dont go back, it can be very harmfull.
Not all hobbies are just fun.
Carsten Blom


If your symptoms have changed that much since your first post you need to avoid further exposure at all costs until they settle down. If they still persist its time for a visit to your gp and if you have any breathing issues the ER.

If you ruled out contact issues from gloves or suit? then you need to look at resin or cleaners. If your ppe worked then look at where you might breath resin tainted air or exposed to liquids used in the cleaning process. In other words look for a point where you let your guard down thought you were safe and ended up exposing yourself. As an example dumping a part into a bucket with iso and cleaning then breathing the air in that room unprotected after you were done.

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