Replacement lead screw on original phenom

Is there a place to buy a replacement or better lead screw for rhe phenom? My lead has a wobble that is able to loosen the linear rails over time. When the rails loosen I get wavy prints because the build plate follows the wave of the leadscrew.

Check if the Z-axis fixing screw is loose

If the above test still can not eliminate the fault, you need to replace the screw

All of the z-axis was tight except for the linear rails. They loosen over time because the screw wobbles. I have tightened the rails again with locktite. If it works I will be happy. If not I would like to buy a replacement z lead screw. I want to make sure the printer is perfect before buying the prime upgrade.

Thank you

hi, is the device working properly? Please let us know if the issue is resolved.

Thank you for checking. So far it is working. I am planning to get the upgrade parts soon.