Replacement for asura

has anyone, I mean ANYONE got a replacement for asura? something that slices adds supports and hollows? Every step of the process is pulling teeth with this thing. Asura now wont even register and the support team straight up wont respond. so, anyone got a replacement? I need to be able to slice, add supports and hollow it out. basically a striaght up replacement for their garbage software. preferably something with a moai profile already, im so done wasting days trying to get this thing working. any recomendations would be appriciated !

I think formware3d was making a moai profile. Search a bit on the forums and you should find them talking about it.

Downside is that it costs a few hundred dollars.

I have already replaced with Formware. Try it, it’s worth it.
30 days free

Thanks for the tip guys! I will def look into it.