Replacement FEP vat gasket

So if the silicone gasket on the FEP vat becomes damaged what the best replacement alternative?
Are there replacements available for sale or can I just use a sheet of silicone and cut out a new one?
Is there some other alternative such as an adhesive or liquid gasket I could paint on?
Anyone have any experience with this?

you can either buy it on our website :

or cut from a sheet of silicon would also work
the gasket acts as a seal so even a thin layer of rubber would also work, but they wear out fast

Out of curiosity, are there any particular properties this silicone has that makes it good for this application?
(ie type, hardness, strength)
I have some two part silicone lying around for making moulds, wondering if it would be worth 3d printing a mold for the gasket and just making some extras

Jeby, in any case it is worth making your own silicone seal. It will last a long time if you don’t tear it, but a replacement seal should always be within reach.

A mold for casting is made quickly. However, I would use a medium-hard and tear-resistant silicone (Shore A 40 -50). In addition to silicone, the material could also be EPDM or FFKM.

In addition to casting the seal, it can also be cut from a silicone mat using a cutter, cutting plotter or laser.