Repeated failures on corner of solid print (Phenom L / Neo Resin)

Hello, I am printing for the first time with Neo Resin which I acquired thinking it would be easy to print, but having some trouble, was hoping someone could look at my settings and give any feedback.

This is the third attempt and the failure point is always in the back right corner where one of the four legs sit. Also the supports seem to be more brittle than usual and the raft popped off a lot easier than with other resins.

It might seem like this is a leveling problem but I checked the level on the last print and everything seemed fine with the paper test, though I did not go as far as re-leveling I will try that now. I had just finished a similar print in Siraya Fast which went perfectly which looks like this:

I’m wondering if my problem is that this is meant to be a solid print, but the other three legs seem to print fine. My FEP sheet is getting a bit old but still seems okay and I rotated it and the same problem location after rotating. The screen maybe getting close to the 200 hour mark, but I have not figure out how to do a test of the whole screen–the calibration only shows a rectangle in the center. Before going as far as changing that out I wanted to see if my settings are a problem.

For print settings I first started with Peopoly’s suggested settings on the Neo Resin guide linked to on the product page. After my first failure I raised the exposure times to the following with the same results:


Here are my chitubox files and the original STL any suggestions appreciated :

It appears my images are cut off but if you right click and “view image” it should be viewable

Just an update, here is a screenshot of my next attempt, which I am starting now:

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Wow, nice organic design. With which program have you done that optimized design? It looks great :slight_smile:

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Thanks was done in fusion 360.

This latest attempt failed by the way. Does anyone have recommendations for support settings for something like this using Neo Resin?

hi, I have already followed up in the email. When setting the support, please choose heavy support, and other supports are set by default.