Removing cured resin from acrylic vat


The PDMS layer failed and I have cured resin stuck to the acrylic. Any suggestions on the best way to scrape it off? I’m hoping to save the acrylic and replace the PDMS.


Have you reviewed this topic?


It happens, Ive had to scrape it off the bottom a couple times, Try not to gouge the acrylic too deep when scraping. Follow the directions when sanding, add PDMS and dang you got a restored vat! Once you get the hang of it its not really much of a problem.


Yes, thank you! I’ve read that, but I’m looking for suggestions on how to actually scrape it off. I’ve been using a razor blade, but I’m not getting very far.


I honed my metal scraper on a wet stone to be quite sharp. I push it across the top of the resin blob and shave thin bits from it until near the acrylic, then use 400 grit paper on the remaining bits until the last resin is removed. The 800 grit pad will removed those scratches.