Registration Send Fail on Latest Asura

Just downloaded the latest Asura 2.2.4 and I’m getting a “Sending failed! Please recheck your internet connection & Try again!” message.

My internet is working fine, and I’ve also tried running the program in admin mode.

Anyone have a solution?

I had the same issue yesterday. I was able to register it with the 2.23 version.

Are you getting this when downloading the zip file or when registering? Also, some anti-virus programs will block it. I received a message like that and had to allow access for it.

This is when trying to register. I ran the program as admin and it’s still giving the error. I’ll see what I can do in the anti-virus…

Feel free to use the manual registration if this is not working. I am relaying this over to the Dev.

Here is the link to learn how to register using manual and auto registration:

Okay, thanks for your help!

I was unable to register using the 2.2.4 software. I deleted those files and downloaded the 2.2.3 software and was able to register with no issues. I attempted to manually register when I had the 2.2.4 software. I emailed peopoly support writing, “I was given an error message when trying to register my Asura 3D program. I manually registered and am wanting to follow up with receiving my activation code”. They simply wrote back “use manual method in this wiki”. I am disappointed already in their lack of customer support and think their numerous google docs/ software versions are confusing. They should consolidate this information and read emails better to support their customers.

Today’s date: 10-24-19

3DLab, did you email them the export file and request a registration code? Once I did that they sent the registration code back same day.

No I did not email them the export file, but I did request the registration code and had filled out the export file information in the manual request. When I downloaded the 2.2.3 version of the software I was able to register with no issues so that is good. Thank you for your reply.

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So sorry about that response @3DLab I will talk with the team about that. Can you please email us the export file to and we will get you your code. I will alert support and have them look for the email.

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Thank you for your reply. I was able to register using the 2.2.3 software but appreciate the concern.

Hi, I’m having the same issue. I have sent the registration request email with file attached. Just wanted to check on when I might get an email registration code.

I believe we replied. Also the latest Asura

should fix automatic registration

The registration does not work I have used the manual registration and emailed support with my arc code with no reply. Great printer probably but without software that works its hard to find out.

Thank you, registration worked for me. :+1:

@markjacklin can you please email and we can take a look for the code for you. I double checked and it is working correctly for emailing the reg. code. Did you also check your spam / junk mail filter?

I have sent my code to this morning at 09:05 GMT with no reply as yet. I have been trying to get the software registered since last week.

There is nothing in my junk mail at all. I have used a non works email and machine as well but I still get the error message.