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I’ve sent an email to support with the registration file attached but I have not received a reply, I was unable to use the automatic registration, any help regarding Asura registration would be appreciated.


Hi folks, there are numerous instances over at least the last year of Asura failing to register because it can’t find the internet - even after it was just successfully downloaded. And an onerous “work arounds” involving contact customer service just so we can test the software is non-sensical. I downloaded the software to test it based on some pretty high praise from an Asura user. This registration wall allows you to collect emails which I assume you want to use for marketing purposes. And that is your right; it is your software after all. But because I cannot get the software to register (and have no issue with ANY other registered software on my machine), I’m going to delete the software. Maybe it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I’ll never know. And you’ve lost an opportunity to potentially pull another customer into the Peopoly fold because of a decision that it was more important to collect an email address than it was to allow someone to try your software. I think that is a poor decision on Peopoly’s part. But you guys have to do what you think is most beneficial to your business. Clearly collecting emails leds to more revenue than actually letting people try your products.

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you can use manual registration to download a file and email us