Reducing Peel Force FEP

I have been printing on my Moai for almost two years. I recently switched to the FEP vat from PDMS. Most of my prints are failing due to peel force. I started with the standard FEP settings, but changed the PM initial Speed from 12 to 10 and PM Reset Position from 60 to 40. I’m still getting fails where the models are being pulled off the supports. Models that printed just fine with PDMS are now failing with FEP. The printer is in the same spot and climate controlled temp (76F / 24.4C).

Are there other settings that can be changed to reduce the peel force. Will changing the PM Reset to a lower number help?

ETA: I’m using the same formula of resin (30% NEX Clear / 70% Grey Peopoly); Models were sliced using Asura with Moai 130 60um or Moai 130 40um and Moai 100 calibration.

for FEP vat, PM reset position should be 60 or above in order to have a clean peel from the film
Try not to use mixed resin before you have success on FEP
Also try to re-level with different z reset position, the range is usually 1816-1820

How does the PM reset position affect the peel force?

The FEP film will stick to the model and got lifted up, which it was meant to
If the PM reset is too small the film will remain stick and your model will loose a layer, then the whole model fails

So, is there an upper limit I should consider? Should I stick with 60 or would a higher number reduce the peel force? Does the FEP have more peel force than PDMS?

I will re-level, retest and use base resin to get it going correctly.

60 is good enough, more will just increase the print time

No, but it does not handle peel force well like the PDMS

Ok, I did as what was suggested:

  1. Re-leveled
  2. Used only Nex Clear.
  3. Set all the settings to standard with laser setting of 54.
  4. I took the printer apart and checked all the screws were tight, cleaned the galvo protector and made sure the gavlos/laser were correct. Everything is tight and the tray is not lose.
  5. Room temp was 77 F.

Since my last post, every print has failed (about a half dozen) by the model being pulled off the build plate. I beefed up the supports to no avail.

Today, I ran the level check today and here are the results:

Getting crazy layer shifts on the tests. However, the failed prints do not have this kind of layer shifts in the supports (which stay connected to the build plate).

I am using Asura 2.2.4 Moai 130 60um with Moai 100 Calib on Windows 10.

I have been printing on this printer for over 2 years. I have printed hundreds of models with the PDMS vats. Now that I have shifted to FEP, I have had only two successful prints out of 20 or more.

Although you said that you’ve checked everything, the results show that there’s something moving during the printing process that it isn’t supposed to
try the circle test and the center cross test to see if the laser is firing the right pattern